Charlie Wilson´s War

{mosimage}The most powerful actor in the world, Tom Hanks, is back with a thriller that touches sticky topics such as the past Afghanistan war.

Based on true events, Tom Hanks masters again his character as Texas congressman Charles Wilson and his particular crusade to help Afghans during their war against Soviet Union. And if his presence alone would not be enough, he is flanked by Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman (this man never chooses a bad role) to shape a balanced and outstanding triangle of power, knowledge and political intrigue.

Some people surely will criticize his most political messages on the surface “pro-America”, but if you scratch a bit on the surface and assimilate what the film tells you in the end, you can see good doses of auto-critic against the reckless international intervention of USA in search of confirming their world supremacy and the consequences that balance very well the message of the movie. 

Dialogues are sharp, and the cynic approach to life of Wilson mixed with the brutal honesty and easiness for verbal attacks of Hoffman´s character work perfectly on screen. A good script, great acting skills by all the cast, and not a bad effort to understand a bit better the key factors behind the Islamic terrorist movements nowadays.

Rating 4/5.