Death Race

{mosimage}Jason Statham is an ex driver who gets a set up to go to jail and compete in the most deadly race ever created by humankind. 

Well, ok, it is pretty clear that the plot of this movie does not turn it into the perfect venue for Oscar interpretations, but I must confess I really enjoyed it very much as a good product of entertainment. The formula of fast cars, actions, adrenaline, pretty girls and friendship inside the walls of a prison works pretty well here. Jason Statham is once more very good in his role of tough action hero, and his effort to be physically fit really pays off in the scenes. Joan Allen as the mean prison director Hennessey is notable, as well as the rest of secondary roles, highlighting the Latin beauty Natalie Martinez as navigator in the car of Statham/Ames.

Great action sequences during the race as well as in some fight scenes and aggressively designed cars that would be the dream of more than one fanatic of “tunning” really places this movie into one of the best action ones I have watched lately. A kind of “Shawsank Redemption with fast cars and more violence” that will not let you down if you want to have a couple of entertaining hours.

Rating 4/5 


{mosimage}The best: Statham looking like a MA fighter.

The worst: Machine Gun Joe getting redeemed at the end. Everybody wanted him dead…

The detail: Statham was training with an ex-Navy seal for months to achieve the spectacular physical condition he shows in the film.