Hanoi Rocks – Street Poetry

{mosimage}Any new
album by Hanoi Rocks has to be celebrated. After so many years, it is a wonder
that Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy are still doing music together. Some might
even say that it’s a wonder that they are still alive. But indeed, they are
very much alive and Street Poetry is their best album since they reunited as
Hanoi Rocks in 2001.



{sidebar id=16}Street
sounds like a band’s effort, instead of individual parts put together,
with Conny Bloom and A.C. completely integrated in the group. Actually that is
how the recording was done in a studio in Suomenlinna. The whole band playing
together live in the studio. There are not many overdubs, synthesizers nor
artificial effects nor experiments like Reggae
. This gives a very fresh feeling to an album that sounds like good
old rock and roll.

Street Poetry sounds very classy. Conny and Andy deliver a good amount of rock
and roll riffs and the guitars don’t sound so metal as in the previous release
Another Hostile Takeover. There are some good rockers, like the opening
Hypermobile, Tootin’ Star and Powertrip that includes some good guitar licks
with slide. There are even some retro sounds: Teenage Revolution has all the
qualities of a classic Alice Cooper tune. Even its chorus features the vocals
of the 6th graders of the Suomenlinna elementary school. The new single, This
One’s For Rock ‘N’ Roll
, is a classic rock and roll anthem that could have been
penned by Ian Hunter and his Mott The Hoople.

But after
all, this is Hanoi Rocks and in Street Poetry we find the mark of The Muddy
Twins: the catchy choruses, the riffs, Michael Monroe playing sax… even the song
Transcendental Groove has the same vibe as the classic Taxi Driver.

is 13 songs and 45 minutes of good rock and roll. It will be a real
treat to see them played live. Indeed this one’s for rock’n’roll.

1. Hypermobile

2. Street Poetry

3. Fashion

4. Highwired

5. Power of Persuation

6. Teenage Revolution

7. Worth Your Weight In Gold

8. Transcendental Groove

9. This One's For Rock´ Roll

10. Powertrip

11. Walkin´away

12. Tootin´Star

13. Fumblefoot and Busy Bee