Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue calls it quits

Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue’s first album Tokio Okei made it to No. 9 in Finland’s Official Album List. The band last performed at music festivals Tammerfest in Tampere and Down By The Laituri in Turku. In November 2006, the group did a tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Earlier this year, the band’s initial two entries into the national Eurovision competition were both disqualified because they had already been widely available for download on the Internet and played during live performances as early as in 2006. The group eventually participated with two new songs that had been put together in a rush and failed to make it to the national finals.


Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue’s official website
The band on MySpace

The group in the national Eurovision semi-finals:

"Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams" (YouTube)
"Cinnamon" (YouTube)

The group’s disqualified entries, performed live:

"Lover Lover Lover" (YouTube)
"Soft Is Selling" (short clip, YouTube)