L.R. Phoenix & Mr. Mo’Hell – Wrecked

{mosimage}Blues is alive in North Europe! From North Karelia comes a duo that exhales pure genuine good old Blues! 

L.R. Phoenix is an English musician who decided not only to switch from playing heavy metal to Mississippi Blues, but also from living in the south of England to the East of Finland. Lately we have had the luck to review in FREE! Magazine a bunch of good records from independent artists that, although often forgotten by the mainstream media, are able to release records of excellent quality. We saw it with the Finnish artists Matti the Random Guy and recently we also reviewed the excellent last releases of the young Estonian blues magicians Bullfrog Brown, who also keep the tradition of Mississippi Blues alive in the neighbouring Baltic country.  

If you enjoy the music of Bullfrog Brown, probably you will also like what the duo Phoenix (guitar and vocals) – Mo'Hell (drums) has to offer:  a good collection of blues songs rooted in the old American tradition. But actually in some ways, this is even an easier album to listen than the ones produced by Bullfrog Brown: the voice of L.R. is clean, powerful and catchy while the guitar riffs are edgy but feel “light” at the same time. 

As some highlights in the album, listen for example to On The Run, Dark Clouds or My Leaving and be ready to enjoy. Good blues that can also easily catch the attention of not so blues-hardcore fans.

Well made effort, good lyrics and a little feeling of sloppiness that provide the album with a suitable “underground” touch; perfect to listen with a cigarette in your mouth and a glass of whisky in your hand. 

Rating 4/5.