Major Label – When I am with you you are safe

{mosimage}The trio from Helsinki features their second studio album, a must have if you like good pop-rock Finnish music.

I receive dozens of albums a month to review or check out. So it is not a small thing for me when I say that the new album by Major Label is so far my favourite and nicest surprise of the month. The Finnish trio sounds compact, with excellent quality, balanced, with the voice of Arto Tuunela mastering the tempo of every song, great lyrics, catchy tunes… what else can you expect? If you like rock bands with an experimental and indie twist, like Radiohead or A perfect circle, you are going to love these young Finnish fellas. Listen to outstanding tracks like When I am with you you are safe, The Scar or Said the Water to Land and prepare to enjoy a great musical experience!

A great album that sounds mature, well measured and gives hope of an excellent future for the band from Hell-sinki. And shit, do not forget about the CD artwork, especially the cover, the nicest and funniest I have seen for a long time!

Rating 5/5