Malummeh – Revival

{mosimage}Here’s another group of frustrated youngsters that vent their anger through aggressive metal music. Malummeh’s sound is highly influenced by Swedish melodic death metal and American metalcore, which certainly isn’t the most unique combination nowadays.

Malummeh may be rightly angered, but they haven’t really found an interesting way to put their anger into music. Everything is done by the book: tightly played thrash riffs, occasional guitar melodies, singer screaming his lungs out – and so on. It’s just hard to figure out why anybody should pick up Revival and not one of the dozens of other similar records.

he band certainly have some strengths, I am not saying that. Unfortunately, song writing is not one of them. No matter how many times you listen to Revival, it is quite difficult to remember anything of it, save the seemingly endless metalcore onslaught everybody into this kind of music has heard a million times before. Malummeh is a band who can name one of their tracks Open Your Eyes and sincerely believe the idea is not already overused.

Malummeh is one of those bands that do all the right things. The sad thing for them is, that in rock music that doesn’t really mean that the music would work. Quite the contrary, actually: you can do many wrong things and still make it work, whereas doing everything right often paints a picture of a band unable to come up with anything genuinely new.