Peer Günt – Guts and Glory

In spite of
the changes, Guts and Glory should not disappoint the fans. It’s the same old Peer
Günt. Indeed, this hard rocking machine is at full speed. “No guts, no glory…
Nobody is gonna stop me now” sings Nikki in the first song and the boogie
oriented trio goes non-stop down a road of aggressive riffs and great guitar solos.
One can imagine raising fists and headbanging when Demolition Child is played live

There is
only one gear for Peer Günt. They hardly slowdown in any of the eleven songs of
the 11 songs. They played with the same strong attitude of Motörhead or AC/DC,
although Guts and Glory might suffer
in the end of including one type of song. Nevertheless, the bluesy guitar
licks, the very good guitar solos and the smell of gasoline are there. Fans can
expect good times for the new era of Peer Günt. Nikki is in top and Pete and
Sakke pass the test with a very good grade.