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{mosimage}The most famous soldier in the cinema history is back! John Rambo fights another war, this time inside the jungles of Burma.

Many had lost hope of seeing Sylvester Stallone performing as Rambo once more. The time passes by, even for Hollywood stars. But Stallone surprised once more during last year bringing to the big screen a new chapter in his Rocky saga… and… a new Rambo!

Obviously, Rambo does not look here as physically strong as his astonishing previous appearances. Retired to a calm and peaceful life in Thailand, he will get immersed once more inside a bath of blood helping to a group of mercenaries to liberate some volunteers captured by the Burmese army that is massacring the local population of the Karen area. Even when Rambo looks older, he still looks sharp and dangerous.

The script is wisely written so the character does not fall into dangerous comparisons with the previous movies. Rambo is a veteran soldier, so does he appear on screen, but at the same time just his only presence causes respect. The action sequences are much more realistic and visually shocking than before. Not a movie recommended for children or people very sensitive to see how a human body can end up after receiving the impact of a big shield. For lovers of war movies and action, the result will probably make them more than satisfied.

Although from my point of view, it cannot beat the previous three movies of the saga, at least Stallone makes a good comeback showing that John Rambo is still able to kick ass even when receiving the pension. Maybe it would be a clever idea leave the hero rest in peace after an honorable last battle.

Rating 3/5. 

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