Sanoma into ticket sales

In Finland, the company’s Finnkino cinema ticket services merged with the event ticket sales services of Lippupalvelu in 2003. Its R-Kioski outlets serve as pick up points for tickets booked via Lippupalvelu.

Besides Finnkino cinemas and R-kioski corner shops, SanonomaWSOY also runs, among others, Finnish newspapers (a.o. Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat, Metro and Uutislehti 100), TV stations (Nelonen and JIM tv), radiostations (Radio Helsinki, Radio Rock and Radio Aalto), cable and internet provider Welho, book publishing companies like WSOY, bookstores including Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, as well as many of Finland’s leading magazines. 

The SanomaWSOY media empire operates in 20 countries.