Sepultura – A-Lex

{mosimage}The biggest Brazilian thrash-metal band of the history is back… without any of the Calavera brothers. 

After the departure of the drummer Igor Calavera, added to the one happened years ago by his brother and vocalist Max, it seems that the essence of Sepultura could be lost. Only 2 original members remain, and certainly many fans can feel that this is not the same. Honestly, I think that it would have been wiser just to form another band and forget about using the logo and name of “Sepultura”… but you know how the industry works, the name is still very catchy for millions of followers, although other many million will not pay the minimum attention to the album without any of the Calavera brothers playing in it. 

I have read a few reviews of the album before writing this one, and I share the feeling with many of them: I was not expecting much of it, and in the end I certainly enjoyed it. A-Lex is a conceptual work based on the famous book by Burgess the Clockwork Orange (and more famous movie by the master Stanley Kubrick). The debut of the new drummer, Jean Dolabella, is certainly great and the guy knows what he is doing behind the drum kit. The band sounds consistent, powerful and beautiful and with good lyrics. Another thing I love is that opposite to the trend of most of the bands of releasing shorter albums, here there are no less than 18 delicious tracks to enjoy! Excellent songs like What I do! , the acoustic A-Lex II or Sadistic Values that put Sepultura in the position they deserve. 

If you are able to approach this album with no prejudgments, you can find it certainly a valuable and great album. 

Rating 4/5.