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A quick q&a with Martti Vainaa

Vainaa & Sallitut Aineet
. This pop band went big with the song Pelimies.
Even The Smurfs covered this hit. Moving towards a disco direction, the band
released last May a new single, Toinen Nainen, and prepares a new album for
this autumn.

What's the
background of the band? Where did you guys meet and come together as
a group?

Max is from
Jyväskylä, which is also the place where this band was formed. The others
have spent their early years in Pieksämäki. They actually have known each
other for many years before this band started in 2001 as a trio. The first
three members were Max, Dan and Dick. Lazy and Wolf joined finally in 2005.

When and
where was the band's first gig?

On the 20th
of May 2001.

What was it like to hear your song on the radio for the first time?

We felt
like singing along. Not! But close.

Since our
readers are mainly non-Finns can you explain/translate the band's name
for us? 

It's easy.
The name is: The Late Martin And The Legal Substances.

One of the
big questions many Finnish bands face is deciding whether to 
sing in
Finnish or English. What made the band decide to sing in Finnish
as opposed
to English?

We sing
stuff that is so down to earth so it's got to be the native caveman
language, Finnish. Even though Max writes some of our songs first in

So, you are
currently in the studio and working on a new album. What can fans expect
of the new single/album? Are you moving in a new direction?

It is going
to be more dance and more pop, but also more rock. What can we say?
Hope you like it. The single is called Toinen nainen and it's in
stores since May. The album release is in autumn.

What can
you tell us about your hit song Pelimies?

They are
still playing it in restaurants and clubs, and that's cool. It is a
sporty song with a hint of night and lovelife.

What has
been the effect of your success with the song Pelimies on the band?

We got a
record deal and some special fans because of it.

What has
been the highlight of the band's career so far?

"Onnellinen nyt" tour during which we were welded together as a

What's it
like to have The Smurfs cover your hit song Pelimies?

It's an

what are the band's plans for the coming months? Touring?

We are
currently in the studio, but we'll make just enough touring to keep us in shape
for autumn.


Name: Max
                                                 Name: Lazy

17th October in Jyväskylä                               Born: 14th March in Pieksämäki

Vocals                                                 Instrument:

Any Former
Bands: Duo Väkisin                                Any Former
Bands: About a dozen bands in childhood

Floorball, music, running                            Hobbies:
Running, reading and radio


Name: Dick
                                                 Name: Dan

11th February in Pieksämäaki                          Born 22nd February in Pieksämäki

Keyboards                                            Instrument:

Any Former
Bands: So many                                    Any Former
Bands: Several (currently also Portrait of Beyond)

Hobbies: Texas Hold'em, jogging,
floorball, reading    Hobbies:
Agriculture, taekwondo, languages, history


Name: Wolf

Born: 22nd July in Pieksämäki 


Any Former
Bands: Aikuiset Naiset, Pikku Enkeli

Outdoor activities, music, internet, Pro Evolution Soccer










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