FREE! Magazine is an online publication focused on culture and entertainment for an audience eager to learn more about the world they live in. We are focused on bringing you the best from Scandinavian and Baltic countries, offering a huge bunch of interviews, reviews, tips and much more in English language!

FREE! Magazine was born in January 2007 as a printed monthly newspaper based in Helsinki, with a circulation of 15.000 copies, which turned it into one of the biggest cultural publications in Finland. After half a year, all the activities were developed online. During this time, we have counted with great collaborators and columnists such as the Portuguese comic drawer Marcos Farrajota, the Finnish film producer and scriptwriter Aleksi Bardy or the actress Sanna Stellan.

We have also been lucky to meet and interview hundreds of great artists and personalities as for example Judas Priest, The Ark, Tarja Turunen, Vanilla Ninja, Kerli, Literature Nobel Prize Saramago, Hanoi Rocks, In Flames, Cuban writer Pedro Juan Gutierrez, film directors Aku Louhimies and Petri Kotwica, Negative, Hardcore Superstar and many more!

Interested in collaborating?

FREE! Magazine always receives with open hands to new collaborators and writers who want to share their ideas and articles in our website. However, we prefer if you take into account the following advices before sending any material or contacting us:

Unfortunately, at the current time, we cannot afford any paid collaboration neither hiring any part-time or full time worker. We are glad to help you spread your opinions and publish your ideas, and for longer-time collaborations, we try to reward the writers offering tickets for assisting to concerts or other events. But for those searching for a paid job, we are sad to say that we do not have any opening available. We hope that in the future situation can change and we can reward economically to our writers, but for the time being, this is the way it is.

Before submitting your articles, we appreciate if you can send your ideas to the editor, to analyze if they can be published, and other details like the length of the article, the approach, etc. So please, do not send articles or texts that have not been agreed beforehand to be published with the editor!

Before sending material or ideas, it is good if you can surf a bit around our website and take a look at our content and editorial line. Remember that we try to avoid political content here, and we are mainly focused on culture and entertainment from Scandinavian and Baltic countries, so please try to stick to our areas of main focus if you consider that you have something you would like to publish with us!


Contacting the editor is easy.
Just drop a line to: Antonio.diaz (at)

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