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Also DMX replacement gig cancelled

According to DMX’s management the hip-hopper still hasn’t gotten permission to leave the United States. He was stopped at the airport when he was about to travel to Finland for the kick-off of his European tour at the beginning of the month, apparently because he had failed to attend a court session involving driving without a licence.

The concert in Helsinki on the 2nd of August was cancelled only one day prior to the scheduled date, as was a performance at Pipefest in Vuokatti scheduled for the next day. This time, the Finnish concert organizer Speed Promotion & Agency was given four days to spread the news that the replacement gig in Helsinki won’t take place either.

Concert promoter Kalle Keskinen is furious. ‘Now it’s enough! Complete messing around! As far as we are concerned DMX can be in court and stay in Yankeeland for the rest of his life!,’ Keskinen rages in his press release, written in capitals and containing lots of exclamation marks.

‘I am sorry for all the DMX fans! And we, too, have wasted enough time and money on this case. I am sick and tired of it!,’ the angry concert promoter continues.

The management of the rapper has announced a video by DMX with explanations and apologies.

Keskinen: ‘Let’s see whether we will get any video […] here in Finland or if it, too, will stay at customs, in police custody or at passport control.

‘We won’t start this game with the gentleman in question for a third time any more however! Under no circumstances do we want to cause new disappointment to the fans, nor do we want to get disappointed ourselves!’


Ticket holders can get their money back at Lippupalvelu ticket offices.


Speed Promotion & Agency (in Finnish)


DMX gigs in Finland cancelled, European tour delayed

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