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Beauty and the Beast – The true story of Estonian men and women

Written by Gunnar Sorensen

Gunnar Sorensen is a Danish comedian who has been living in Estonia for a couple of years. Here offers exclusively for FREE! Magazine a pick of what you can find in his blog, treating with sense of humor his views on Estonian women and men:

A friend came to visit me in Tallinn and asked very honestly while in a nightclub “Why are there so many prostitutes in here”!!! Before you think we were in a very seedy place, we were not. What he was simply referring to is that Estonian woman are far more attractive than their male counterparts.

So why is it like this? Well for every 100 men in Estonia there are 119 women, rising to almost 130 in the capital city Tallinn, comparing to 1/1 in Sweden. This phenomenon creates a high demand and competition for available men.

So how beautiful are the women? Well Estonia has the highest number of international models per capita than any nation in the world. When walking the streets of Tallinn you will not just notice the beauty of the women, but also the sheer number of beauty salons created to cater to their need.

Estonian Women

So guys, sound like the perfect country? Well it gets better. All those hours you spent in the gym, that funky new haircut, the expensive suit etc…! In Estonia you don’t need that!! Well with the vast surplus of women that classic image of the man chasing the women has been reversed. So you can put on your comfortable sports trousers and that favourite old hooded jumper and still get the girl!!

This lack of effort needed by Estonian men to get a girlfriend is summed up by this pick up line I heard an Estonian man say one evening “Do you like having sex with men?”

Not only is the girl hotter and easier to get with, you know that night out you want to go on with your friends, guess what? She will let you go!!

I know you are asking, before I quit my job and get on the ferry, what’s the catch?
Well did you know that Estonian men live on average just 69 years, the lowest in the whole of the EU! A large part of the reason behind this is typified in the popular joke ¨ That awkward moment when an Estonian man is sober”. Considering all the attractive girls and all the fun you can have, it sounds like a reasonable sacrifice right??? Maybe not….
That idea of the perfect wife, family and home you had in your mind it is not likely to happen in Estonia. Present figures show that in Tallinn alone 80% of high school students are living in single parent families.

Akarusa Yami

Although us men would almost certainly unite in saying having a few drinks with our friends would be preffered to putting up those shelves for the mother in law. It is now clear that our Scandinavian women are just helping us to become better men and healthier, husbands and fathers.

For those who want to know more about me and how I came to this conclusion. I am a Danish citizen who has been living in Tallinn, Estonia for the past 2 years. I work in the Finance sector, but since arriving in Estonia it is the psychological aspect of the people that has most interested me.

I noticed almost instantly the cold and serious nature of Estonians, however what struck me must profoundly was the countries lack of laughter. With no real comedy shows on TV and no internationally known comedian. I found out very quickly that the only people trying to make Estonia laugh were foreigners.

Although the humour of my blog has encountered some negativity in the Estonian press. It would be hard to find a comedian who has not experienced that at some point. It is our duty to use humour to test the boundaries and bring those avoided or controversial topics in to daily conversation.

For more humour about Estonian men come and visit my blog:

10 replies on “Beauty and the Beast – The true story of Estonian men and women”

Well, I have been living in Tallinn for 10 years now and I must say that was true maybe until 7 years ago. As soon as the recession hit, all the top girls left right away. It was easy for them to go abroad and meet some guy and never return. So yes, Estonian women are beautiful, but you will not find them in the streets of Tallinn anymore. Only the left overs… Look at the beautiful ones in Australia, US, UAE, UK and Denmark (yes, sorry), which seems to be among the favorite immigration destinations of good looking Estonian girls. Same in Riga (where women used to be even more astonishing than in Estonia, but who have migrated even more…). See for yourself! I am sure many guys who have lived in Tallinn would agree. I am surprised this article comes from a Danish (a country with astonishing girls). If it had been written by some Arabic guy, then maybe what we have left in Tallinn still stands out from hairy dark women.

“What struck me must profoundly was the countries lack of laughter.” Okay. I agree that Estonians might seem very serious (I’m an Estonian woman living here). But it’s not the case when you get to know them better. In my family we are always laughing and taking the piss out of each other. Humor stays hidden between the walls of our homes. It’s like a little funny nest we have. But you can have a little peek of it here at my blog:

80% of the things you said are true. I met my partner while he was working abroad in Australia. At the beginning of the relationship he was always so serious and uptight but as we started dating longer he started loosing up and laughing and telling me jokes non stop! He often tells me that people in Estonia are really cold and serious people but I’m sure as you get to know them better they start opening up to you and will become alot more welcoming. My estonian man isn’t so much like a potato head, he’s extremely sexy and attractive ;)

I am from England and have a estonian boyfriend. The very first time i met him he made me laugh so much. In fact i have never met anyone like him before. He had an awesome personalilty from day one. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He is hardly ever serious and is always smiling. The best man i have ever met.

You have been in Tallinn and been to a couple of night clubs and think you know it all. You know , like in any country, there is trash and treasure. Sorry you met trash. Maybe because you personally cannot attract anything precious. I am originally from southern Estonian small village and hate how foreigners go around telling stories about Estonia while, in fact, they have only seen Tallinn. I even don’t know Tallinn well. And I am an Estonian. So what do you really know? PS! Never been to a beauty salon, met my US partner while having my natural hair color, no make up and long boring grey suit on. Men like you would not hot have even noticed me because you go after hookers. I home you find plenty in you country. That’s what it sounds like when a real Estonian woman is angry.

The ratio stated above is pure BS. The ratio of women/men is only about 106 women to 100 men. Just a little over normal.

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