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ESCAPETHECULT New Video Clandestine is out!

ESCAPETHECULT continues their creative research between music and video art and releases a new
music video for “Clandestine” which is taken from their “All You Want To”.

This time this is a proud collaboration with a Belgian based director and artist Pasquale Baseotto of “FrictionMedia”.

A mastermind of ESCAPETHECULT Peter G. Shallmin comments:
“The title of the song speaks itself – “Clandestine” meaning is a “secret”, “hiding something”, “the
meaning behind”, “a truth between the words”.

This time we are going into mysterious characters and occult symbolism in 7 scenes, 7 different worlds,
7 spaces, 7 secrets, 7 demons, 7 sins. We are happy to work with Pasquale, his impressive personal input
and professional approach turned out into a wide video novel with lots of details, epic dark atmosphere
and sophisticated interlacing the images and visual elements with the lyrics”.

Creative director, Pasquale Baseotto says:

“While most artists need a calm atmosphere to create, as humans we often desire a sense of
community. Not many artists get a chance to actually work with others much, certainly not at worldwide
level. When Peter gave me the opportunity to collaborate on making a music clip, for his upcoming
album ESCAPETHECULT ‘All You Want’, I was both surprised as overwhelmed by his proposition…”

Shallmin continues:

“It was a pleasure to communicate with Pasquale. We gave him a full independence and freedom to
move in any direction although there were some thoughts written. “Written” means that we’ve
described the whole idea in few sentences provided with some images, photos and video links, that’s all.
The full concept and the final model were actually written and released by Pasquale, he was very
accurate and precise in blueprinting ideas with so much devotion to details. We just have to be patient
and wait for the update from him…”

The owner of “FrictionMedia” states:

“Working with Peter was for me one of the highlights of my career. From concept to completion, we
aspired that same creative direction and we quickly agreed on the concept of the clip.
I really enjoyed the whole experience and the opportunity to be part of the bigger picture.
With the ability to help raise awareness for this new international supergroup debut, and the chance to
meet and talk with other artists, even if it wasn’t face to face.
Our key aim was to offer the fans a visual interpretation of the song “Clandestine” that embodied both
the atmosphere of the music as the underlying meaning of the lyrics.”

“All You Want To” is out now!


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