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FREE! goes to Eurovision

Actually, our “Euro-week” started last Sunday, early in the morning when both editors appeared on Subtv thanks to the invitation of Markku from Finland, this special and genuine ambassador of Finnish culture who, with tones of humour, discovers the particular secrets of living in Suomi. It was fun, and we had a good time with the guys there in the studio, although we were a bit nervous in front of the camera since we are most used to other media where our face is not so directly “visible” for the audience, as radio shows. Minutes later, in their backstage, we took revenge and shot with our video-camera a short and funny interview with Markku from Finland that we hope we will be able to show you soon in our website.

The week started amazingly fast and busy on Monday. Lots of interviews that included an interesting visit to Suomelinna, and lot of events to be covered and promotion to be done. Late at night wee checked the anniversary party of Bar Loose at Tavastia but before that, we had a new “Eurovision bath” at the official welcoming party at Finlandia Hall. Everybody was there, the artists, the journalists, the fans… 

FREE! Magazine editors, dressed with our glamorous t shirts (if you were at the party you cannot miss two Spanish guys with red fluorescent t shirts that can be spotted 1 kilometer away with our slogan “Take me, I ´m FREE” on the back…) jumped into the crowd with no idea of who singer was who (The girl from Moldova seemed not to appreciate much my lack of knowledge about her…) and pretty soon, well equipped with some beers in our hand, had interested conversations there with other journalists colleagues, with our beloved Spanish ambassador, with Markku from Finland who came to greet us again (we should sign a contract with these guys… better expressed they should sign a contract with us) and also with some waiters and workers in the “naarikka”. Half Finlandia Talo was crowded with Spanish people everywhere; it seems that our native country really loves the event…  And even one waiter was Spanish (Antonio…same that our ambassador Antonio… nice name indeed…sometimes even crazy editors have that name too ;) ) .

We have notice a lack of organization at some venues like Messukeskus, where the information point seems to be made to create the opposite reaction, but we must recognize that the welcome party was fabulous. Good and varied music, excellent food and a great atmosphere. Everybody was having a good time, specially the happy people from the gay community. All the fans taking pictures with their favourite singers, and a lot of Finnish pretty people around. Ola Salo, who is not Finnish but Swedish from the participant band The Ark also showed up there, acting as the real rock-star he is (for good and for bad sake) and practically same status quo yesterday Tuesday at Vanha, where the same people seemed to be holding the same glasses of wine in a new party. This time the editors took it easier, since there is (even) lots of work still to be done.

Maybe you like Eurovision, maybe you hate it, but you cannot deny the special attraction of having the chance to drink beer for FREE!

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