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Lithuanian Nelly Jelly getting huge worldwide success

Nelly Jelly Sells Over 1M Branded Items in First Half of 2023, a 37% Increase from 2022ImageNelly Jelly’s cast of characters 

Nelly Jelly, known as Kakė Makė in her native Lithuania, has grown from an endearing book character into a fully realized mega-brand in the world of children’s entertainment.  

 Nelly Jelly, also known as Kakė Makė in its native market, marks its 13th year of captivating children worldwide with its educational tales and creative characters. This Lithuanian IP, centered around the imaginative adventures of a five-year-old girl, has blossomed into a mega-brand, demonstrating the heights children’s entertainment products can reach today.Just in the first half of 2023, Nelly Jelly expanded its product line with over 1 million branded items sold in Lithuania and established strategic partnerships with licensing agencies in Spain and Dubai.

Due to the success of its licensing strategy, Nelly Jelly holds a dominant position in Lithuania’s children’s entertainment market.Nelly Jelly: My Movie, the brand’s cinematic debut, released in April 2023, achieved blockbuster status. It ran for 15-weeks at the top of Lithuanian cinema charts. At the same time, the IP also launched a consumer loyalty campaign with one of the leading retailers in Lithuania, which offered playful learning tools to help kids recognize, name, and befriend their emotions.

As a result, during the second quarter of 2023, Nelly Jelly witnessed a 37% increase in licensing revenue compared to the same period in 2022 in the native market.According to the IP’s CEO, Simona Krasauskienė, Nelly Jelly is continuously expanding into the realm of everyday life through such actions. “Currently, we work with over 20 different companies, developing products across nine different categories in the home market. We also expect that 2.5-3 million units of Nelly Jelly items will be sold in 2023. In a market with a population of 2.6M people, of which 160k are children of the target age, these seem to be promising figures,” she explained.

Nelly Jelly’s expansion goes beyond traditional entertainment and food products. During 2023 the food category has seen a 163% increase in licensing revenue this year with 7 new product releases in the first half of the year. The brand has fostered collaborations with a myriad of local businesses, resulting in an eclectic range of offerings. From fresh fruit and Greek yogurt to calcium-fortified milk ice cream and lactose-free cottage cheese-based products, Nelly Jelly remains dedicated to providing options for diverse dietary needs.

These products not only cater to taste but also prioritize health, reducing sugar content and utilizing antibiotic-free chicken in meat-based products, such as dumplings.In partnership with BIOK LAB, Nelly Jelly introduces a line of safe, hypoallergenic hygiene products, addressing a crucial gap in the market for fun yet allergen-free options.Furthermore, Nelly Jelly is treading into the world of sustainable gardening, offering not only essential gardening supplies like seeds, seedlings, and tools but also accessories for outdoor leisure. Rainwear, gloves, mudguards, and other goods will encourage children and their parents to embrace nature and learn about environmental stewardship.

Nelly Jelly’s global presence gains momentum through strategic partnerships – Caravanserai, a Spanish licensing firm specializing in the Iberian Peninsula, and Markettcom, a prominent brand licensing agent in Dubai, are now representing the brand in their respective territories.Greta Stankutė, the brand development manager at Nelly Jelly, anticipates exciting collaborations in the IP’s near future. The goal is to forge new licensing programs that will reach even greater audiences.

Nelly Jelly is a beloved children’s character and national brand hailing from Lithuania, designed to encourage kids to explore, get creative, and overcome life challenges with the help of a witty and fun character. With a team of passionate individuals following global trends, the IP has expanded to multiple platforms, including books, theater plays, events, and a blockbuster movie in 2023. The IP constantly attends global events, hoping to find new ways to provide educational and enjoyable content for young audiences.

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