Natasha Bedingfield: N.B.

The best attempts on her second album, N.B.,
come close: “I wanna have your babies” is a similarly joy- and tuneful
confession of feelings, and the opening track “How do you do” also
impresses (evoking Gwen Stefani without being, alas, terribly annoying).

But the rest of the album fails to create
anything memorable. Natasha's voice is simply wasted in the uninspired
presentation of meant-to-be-r'n'b songs that sound, mostly, like a corporate
marketing plan to appeal to the American market. The whole record is coated in
the sugary icing of “smooth” drum loops and “slick” bass lines, so the result
is a radio-friendly, danceable r'n'b record, which is, by the way, utterly
boring. If not for this generic, over-produced presentation, songs like “Say
it again
” (evoking none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers) or the
haunting “Tricky Angel” could have been great.

But as it seems, you're better off
downloading “I wanna have your babies” and “How do you do,” and hope that she
will do an acoustic performance sometime, where her voice could truly shine. That
would be amazing.