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The 69 Eyes – Angels

Which is ironic,
because it is not the biker-gang outfits, tattoos, the black nail polish and
make-up, and the 80s B-movie vampire paraphernalia that will make you remember
this band. It is not the slightly pretentious lyrics about angels, devils and
the "world of rock'n'roll" that's in between them.  It is not even the music, that for the most
part wouldn't sound out of place on the stage of a dusty roadside bar in the
middle of Arizona. It's the vocals of frontman Jyrki 69 – the vocals
that evoke none other than Elvis Presley.

The combination
might sound weird at first. But in practice it works perfectly, as the
grandiose, Elvis-style singing brings just the right theatrical element to the
picture, and makes the goth-touched-rock of the band sound genuine – in every
possible sense of the word. It is energetic, captivating and self-assured, and
even touching (without being cheesy), where need be.

released in the first week of March, is The 69
Eyes' ninth studio album. It features classical-heavy metal band Apocalyptica,
and, in general, eleven songs that would make Axl Rose green with envy
(expect further delay of Chinese Democracy).

Ladies and
gentlemen, the King has left the building. But he'll be back soon, with a crate
of beer and spirits.

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