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Turbonegro – Retox

of the world, rejoice! Get your asses ready! The best fat gay Norwegian punk
metal band has a new album out and it is a helluva album. With Retox,
Turbonegro goes back to the basics, gets heavy and deliver its best album since
the classic Apocalypse Dudes (1998).

returned from hiatus in 2003 and since then the band has been very active,
touring constantly, while the fan base of Turbejugends grew and show the
Turbonegro official uniform across the planet. Retox is the third album since
the comeback and it is somehow different than the previous Scandinavian Leather
(2003) and Party Animals (2005). While those were pompous productions, full of
clichés and easy wow-ooh chorus, Retox is a return to form with a raw and edgy

The album
sounds furious and energetic since the very beginning with the explosive We’re
Gonna Drop The Atom Bom
b. There are some heavy riffs and many songs are metal
flavored: Welcome to the Garbage Dump, Boys from Nowhere, Hot and Filthy, You
Must Bleed/All Night Long

Apart of
the violent riffs and chords, there’s a bit of sex obsession: No, I’m Alpha
is one of the most outstanding songs in the set and probably one of the
best ones Turbonegro has recorded since Apocalypse Dudes. And of course, there
is a tremendous sense of humour which characterizes the band. Singer Hank Von
takes a look at the mirror and laughs at himself in the songs Every
Body Loves a Chubby Dude
and Hell Toupée, which is the great hymn to male
baldness every written: “Spent my life fighting off the
pigs, drinking beer and smoking cigs / stealing riffs and a blowing gigs, but
now I'm stuck googling for wigs / Skin is glowing, dome is showing, my
bio-clock is ticking so fast / And it's gonna be Hell Toupee”.

The album closer is the eight-minute prog/metal/punk
suite What is Rock? This is a three-part song which brings the best of
Turbonegro and which in its last part answers to that philosophical question.

Less glam,
more metal, 100% Turbonegro!

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