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Widescreen Mode – Until the End

{mosimage}Widescreen Mode has become one of the newest and hottest hard rock bands in Finland, with the release of their debut album: Until the End.

he debut album of the Finnish metal band Widescreen Mode, Until the End, has raised like a rocket into the Finnish music charts, directly to the peak, and this is greatly due to the good promotion campaign in Internet, MySpace and Itunes with their first single Everlasting Bomb (lyrics inspired by the film The Planet of the Apes), a success that has been followed and even increased with the second single of the album: Dead Inside, an excellent choice since it is undoubtedly one of the best tunes of the whole record.

The band from Riihimaki is composed by Samu Brusila on the vocals, Janne Lahtinen as guitarist, Janne Stenroos on the bass and Janne Aaltonen on the drums (it could have perfectly been renamed as "the Jannes").

Widescreen Mode makes a perfect example on how the promotion in alternative channels like Internet can bring excellent results. They were finalist in the MTV’s unsigned competition and have gathered more than 65.000 fans in MySpace. But when I listen to them, I cannot see the special magic needed to push the songs to the number 1 of the charts. The melodies are correct and technically, they sound compact; the vocals skills of Samu work fine, the CD visual design is cool, but the sound, that explores more the softer than the rougher side of the metal, although the brutal beginning of the album in Without Me could mislead you, is typical and unsurprising; nothing that you could not hear from dozens of other Finnish bands trying to make their way in the difficult world of music business. In any case, for being a debut album, it gives a very praising result, and hopefully with more maturity and new works Widescreen Mode could reach the status of new Finnish super metal band. But there is still a long way to go…

Rating 3/5

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