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Moderna Museet Malmö opens Unhealed Exhibition on March 2

2.3 – 15.9 2024
Moderna Museet Malmö
Turbine Hall and Loading Dock

Artists: Asim Abdulaziz, Aya Albarghathy, Muhammad Ali, Héla Ammar, Marwa al-Sabouni, Selim Ben Sheikh, Shady Elnoshokaty, Safaa Erruas, Hadia Gana, Khaled Hafez, Diana Jabi, Rachid Koraichi, Moataz Nasr, Adrian Paci, Mario Rizzi, Fethi Sahraoui, and Mouna Jemal Siala

Curators: Abir Boukhari and Joa Ljungberg

The international group exhibition “Unhealed” delves into the aftermath of the uprisings and revolutions, that swept through the Arab world starting in 2010. These events altered the lives of millions of people, many of whom, as a consequence, now live in Sweden. With this exhibition, Moderna Museet Malmö proudly presents seventeen artist who, in different ways, have addressed this tumultuous and still unfolding chapter in history.

In my life, I have seen hope and despair entangled in relentless cycles, in Arab countries as well as in the rest of the world. Every sunrise brings a glimmer of hope – of a better life, a new beginning – only to vanish again when fate stubbornly repeats: “Not this time”, says Abir Boukhari, co-curator of “Unhealed”.

The exhibition “Unhealed” portrays existential experiences amid major social upheaval. It navigates through feelings of hope and despair, bringing us beyond political analysis. Through sculpture, painting, drawing, film and photography, it embodies a poetic narrative rather than a strict historical account. The contributing artists are predominantly based in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen, but also in Albania, Italy, Romania, and Sweden.

When I first asked Abir to collaborate on this project, she was hesitant; the subject was still too much of an open wound. Now, several years later, we are about to realise this exhibition. It feels both powerful and important, particularly when considering all those directly affected who now live in Sweden, says Joa Ljungberg, co-curator of “Unhealed”.

Programme and events during the exhibition period:

March 2: Walk-and-talk: special guided tour with the artists Muhammad Ali, Héla Ammar, Selim Ben Cheikh, Shady Elnoshokaty, Safaa Erruas, and Khaled Hafez. Led by the curators Abir Boukhari and Joa Ljungberg.
March 2: No to Division: Workshop on social cohesion with the artist Mouna Jemal Siala.
May 4: The war on cultural heritage: lecture by the author Anders Rydell.
May 18: Artist meetings – Additional artists working in the region and addressing the exhibition’s themes present their works.
May 23: The possibilities of architecture to create and counteract conflicts: lecture by the Homs based architect Marwa Al-Sabouni (digitally).

For updates, visit the website:

During the exhibition period, the workshop at the museum will be activated under the guidance of the artist Rami Khouri. Visitors to the exhibition are welcome to sit down and work with clay and text on their own, as well as during specific workshop sessions.

Moderna Museet Malmö, part of the state-owned Moderna Museet, is funded by the City of Malmö, Skåne Regional Council and the Swedish Government.

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Vilnius Lights Up For Sixth Time — City Marks Entrance to Its New Century 

The highly anticipated sixth Vilnius Light Festival has begun, and has already transformed Vilnius’s streets into illuminated art. Artists from the Netherlands, Poland, France, Lithuania, and the UK began showcasing their installations yesterday, bringing thousands of people eager to see newly interpreted urban areas within the city. 

January 26, 2024. The tradition to brighten up the post-holiday slump in January is going strong in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The sixth annual Vilnius Light Festival returned to the streets, courtyards, and alleys of the Old Town on January 25. It is expected that around 200K visitors will visit the festival, as every year.

Vilnius is celebrating its 701st anniversary on the 25th of January with the Vilnius Light Festival while entering a new century after the jubilee year, a grand celebration that brought together more than 150 partners and hosted hundreds of festive events. During this time, the capital of Lithuania was celebrated as one of the 100 best cities to live worldwide by Euromonitor, while the country is among the top 20 happiest nations according to the World Happiness report. Additionally, Vilnius was awarded as the 2025 European Green Capital.

In 2024, the Vilnius Light Festival program consists of two parts: the main one with curator-selected installations and the second with initiatives by culture, arts, science, education, and business organizations, concluding to 20 light art installations.

This weekend, the Old Town draws visitors with unique venues like the Arts Printing House. Housed in a 16th-century printing house, this contemporary arts center showcases two light installations. One, called Flux by Polish artist Ksawery Komputery, explores virtual communication through 4,800 meters of LED strings and 144,000 pixels, unveiling hidden algorithms of virtual meetings. Another installation is Continuum presented in the yard of Lithuania’s presidential palace, by the UK artist duo Illumaphonium. The piece transforms the urban landscape with geometric mirrors, mesmerizing light, and sound monoliths while asking how we identify the city’s space where we live. Additionally, the capital invites visitors to dive into the alternate space-themed Vilnius through a mockumentary by artist Rimas Sakalauskas, offering a speculative vision of the city’s creation, history, and life beyond Earth. 

The Vilnius Light Festival is open January 25–28 from 6 PM to 11 PM. It is important to check the description of each installation for the exact visiting times. Visitors can find all the festival routes in the map provided by the organizers and easily plan their commuting in the city area. Additionally, the festival’s app with routes and installation information is available on Google Play and App Store.

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Juxtapositions –Kimmo Kaivanto & Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Gallen-Kallela Museum 10 February – 26 May 2024 Tarvaspää, Espoo

The Juxtapositions exhibition engages in a dialogue on the similarities and differences of Gallen-Kallela’s and Kaivanto’s art. The focus is not necessarily on the artists’ best-known works, but also on their diversions, sidesteps and sketches. The exhibition is based mainly on the collections of the Gallen-Kallela Museum and Kimmo Kaivanto Foundation, and Kimmo Sarje (PhD) is the curator of the exhibition.

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865–1931) and Kimmo Kaivanto (1932–2012) were among the most important Finnish artists of their generation. Their talent as drawers, narrative approach and versatility of expression unite the masters. As painters, both artists blazed a trail with their renditions of Finnish landscapes. Gallen-Kallela and Kaivanto were keen builders and designers. Both also took a political stance: Gallen-Kallela as a national romantic and adjutant to General C. G. Mannerheim and Kaivanto with his pacifist and ecological artworks.

The exhibition begins in the studio of Tarvaspää’s artist residence with an array of artworks connected to or inspired by the artists’ almost mythical workspaces. The place is an exhibit in itself, complemented by a series of sketches of the house and a painting depicting the construction of the building. The wilderness studio of Kalela is presented in moonlight and Kaivanto’s Arkkusaari is shown lit by a flash of lightning. Also included are artworks of the interior of the Arkkusaari studio and the south end of the building. The artist’s Images on Arkkusaari 24.–29.6.1974 (Aleatoric Landscape) aims to capture the spirit of Arkkusaari.

Hugo Simberg’s graphic prints of Gallen-Kallela tell a story of friendship. Kaivanto’s painting Simberg’s Scale (2000) is a tribute to a respected colleague. Decadence and decay are touched upon in the so-called “etching room” leading from the studio to the rotunda, where Kaivanto’s Pub Genius (2002) and Gallen-Kallela’s Martyr in the Cause of Art (1893) exchange views.

The war-themed drawings from Kaivanto’s childhood showcased in a display case in the space leading to the rotunda provide an introduction to the themes exhibited there. In them, war and warriors and the act of questioning them take stock, whilst the love of a mother and a spouse weighs up the cost of heroism. Is it their instinct that beckons or the longing for freedom?

The verses of the workers’ poet Kössi Kaatra in the wake of the General Strike in Tampere Central Square in 1905 parallel with Väinämöinen and his troops defending the Sampo; Joukahainen harbouring thoughts of revenge; Kullervo close to death heading on a crusade, and the criticism of the military junta that tormented Greece in the late 1960s. Gallen-Kallela’s Mannerheim’s Lackey (1919), a portrait of the general’s military servant, and Kaivanto’s Grandson serigraph (1969), which explores men’s eroticism, raise questions and the latter in particular evokes associations with Tom of Finland’s male images.

Since the 1960s, Kaivanto’s art has offered a reminder of the fragility of nature and life under the stranglehold of our technological civilisation and greedy economic thinking. The difference with Gallen-Kallela, who praised wilderness, is evident. The parallels drawn between his Lake Keitele painting (1905) and Kaivanto’s When the Sea Dies (1970) serigraph illustrate the paradigm shift.

In Gallen-Kallela’s paintings, nature in one’s home country appears both as a value in itself and as a factor of national identity. Ultramarine, the blue of Kaivanto, where beauty and freedom merge, dominates comprehensively his collage So Willingly, So Willingly (1969) and links it to the mountainside in Gallen-Kallela’s Hwandoni Hills (1910). Kaivanto’s painting Spring Light (1964) appears as an expressive and Informalist development of Gallen-Kallela’s painting Lynx’s Den (1906). Both works of art are declarations of love tinged with longing for Finnish winter landscapes which are enlivened by the promise of spring.

Towards the end of the exhibition, Gallen-Kallela’s African souvenirs – the trophies exhibited in a display case – are juxtaposed with Kaivanto’s Balance collage (1968), which reflects on the state of the world. In the artwork, an awl nocked in a bow is aimed at an eggshell on the surface of which the artist has drawn a few of the meridians. The differences between Gallen-Kallela’s and Kaivanto’s concepts of nature become crystallised. Humans with their strengths and weaknesses as the masters of nature turn into humans as an inseparable part of the unity of nature.

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My 20 favorite movie scenes

Oh cinema! The art that has given us so many hours of entertainment, the pleasure to feel emotions through the screen and cry, laugh and empathize with the characters!
These are my personal 20 favorite and most memorable movie scenes, in no particular ranking order, that are kept in my mind as unforgettable ones. Share in comments which ones are yours! Do you share any of these ones or what others are your personal favorite ones?

20. Final shooting in “Road to Perdition”

Tom Hank‘s performance, the amazing picture of the scene under the rain, Paul Newman’s final words… I get goosebumps every time I see this one:

19. Jesus can roll in “The Big Lebowski”

The man, the legend, the… Jesus! What a scene in slow motion from one of the most iconic John Turturro‘s character!

18. The chicken scene in “Schindlers List”

So many memorable scenes in this movie that is difficult to choose just one, but my pick will go to this one, where the brutality of war, the irony and the intelligence to survive are masterfully combined:

17. Something forgotten it is in your beer, in “Memento”

What a fabulous script and what a direction by Christopher Nolan, and what great performances by Guy Pierce and Carrie Ann-Moss! But be careful what you drink, buddy!

16. Omaha beach scene in “Saving Private Ryan”

Probably the most realistic, shocking and brutal war scene ever filmed in cinema history by the genius Spielberg:

15. Tears in the rain – “Blade Runner”

Ruger Hauer delivering one of the most iconic monologues in the history of cinema to Harrison Ford, you cannot ask much more than this…

14. The gang is united till the end in “Toy Story 3

There is no way I can see this scene without some tear escaping my eyes. A gang of animated toys showed us what unconditional friendship is about:

13. What a loving relationship is about in “Up”

We are not done with animation movies that shred a tear. This next one could go as the best ever scene made in any animation movie in history. What a mix of beautiness and sadness the masterminds of Pixar delivered at the start of “Up” movie:

12. The grief of Don Corleone in “The Godfather”

Marlon Brando‘s interpretation of Vito Corleone will go down the cinema history. Here you can see why, in this amazing scene of his grief from a lost killed son:

11. Pen scene in “Casino”

How can you be the smallest and at the same time the scariest guy in a room? Well, ask Danny DeVito about it and he will kindly explain it to you writing it carefully with a pen on you skin…

10. Shootout in “Miller’s Crossing”

We started our list with Tom Hank‘s handling the machine gun like a ghost of death, but has the song of death from a Thompson ever been displayed more beautifully as in this historical scene?

9. Bank robbery shootout in “Heat”

And if we have to remember another memorable scene of shootouts, here is this one from Heat, probably no shootout scene in cinema history has ever had the most realistic, defying and shocking sound as this one:

8. Laser sable fight in “The Phantom Menace”

As a die hard Star Wars fan, I could have completed the list with iconic moments from the saga, but here is my favorite one, something we had never seen before, 2 Jedi masters versus a Sith holding 2 sable swords… the choreography, the music, the epic of the encounter…

7. A final surprise in “Usual Suspects”

This one could very well be considered the most epic twist in the history of recent cinema. What a cherry on top of the cream for such an epic movie and such an epic cast!

6. Nobody puts Baby in the Corner in “Dirty Dancing”

Summer is gone, love seems lost… until Patrick Swayze enters the room and delivers one last epic dance. Brings you back to those times that were the times of your life…

5. The real William Munny shows up in “Unforgiven”

What a powerful performance by Clint Eastwood here. When the old killing machine wakes up on revenge of his old friend, they get to know whom they are messing around:

4. To read about life is not the same as living life in “Good Will Hunting”

I recently spent 10 days at hospital while my Dad was slowly abandoning this world, so it is difficult for me not to cry with this masterful speech by Robin Williams “…because the doctors could see in your eyes that the terms “visiting hours” don’t apply to you…” What a scene!

3. Balrog vs Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings”

Because we all need a friend like Gandalf when the most terrifying creature in Middle Earth decides to wipe us on a bridge. A scene that captures the essence of the book masterfully!

2. Opera to give hope in “Shawshank Redemption”

Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie ever. A Masterpiece from start to finish. Here is my favorite scene from the movie, a little jewel full of defiance, beauty and hope:

1.Final Scene in “The last of the Mohicans”

This scene compresses to me what cinema is about. Impossible not to be touched by the display of emotions here: the tremendous and powerful music, the sacrifice, the fight, the love… These are minutes of pure CINEMA.

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Suosituimmat urheilulajit urheiluvedonlyöntiin

Urheiluvedonlyönti on suosittu harrastus, jossa panostetaan eri urheilulajien tuloksiin ja tapahtumiin. Onnistunut vedonlyönti edellyttää sitä, että kohteena olevaan lajiin perehtyy tarkkaan, koska vain tarkan lajituntemuksen kautta on mahdollista ennustaa tulevaisuuden tapahtumia. Useimmiten vedonlyöjät keskittyvätkin yhteen tai muutamaan lajiin, joita seuraavat oman kiinnostuksen johdosta tarkkaan.

Vedonlyönti on siirtynyt yhä enemmän nettiin, ja harva pelaaja vaivautuu enää täyttämään perinteisiä paperikuponkeja. Netin vedonlyöntisivustot tuovat pelaajien ulottuville monipuolisen kohdevalikoiman sekä runsaasti vaihtoehtoja eri vetojen suhteen. Vetoa pääsee nykyään lyömään myös älypuhelimen tai tabletin välityksellä, koska sivustot, kuten Mobilebet tarjoavat mahdollisuuden löytää kaikki kohteet myös pienemmän ruudun välityksellä. Tämä mahdollistaa panosten asettamisen milloin vain, eikä vedonlyönti ole enää tiettyyn paikkaan sidottua.

Nettikasinoiden ja vedonlyöntisivustojen valikoimista löytyy runsaasti vaihtoehtoja veikkaamiseen. Osa urheilulajeista nousee kuitenkin muita suosituimmiksi.

Jääkiekko on suomalaisten suosikkilajeja

Jääkiekko on meillä äärimmäisen suosittu urheilulaji, ja sen ympärille on rakentunut rikas fanikulttuuri. Lähes jokaisella on joukkue, jota itse kannattaa yli muiden. Otteluita seurataan tiiviisti sekä suoratoistopalveluista että paikan päällä katsomossa. Jääkiekon seuraaminen ei kuitenkaan rajoitu pelkästään kotimaisiin sarjoihin, vaan moni vedonlyöjä seuraa myös isoja kansainvälisiä liigoja.

Näistä suurimmaksi nousee tietysti NHL, josta löytyy myös monia hyvää tulosta tekeviä suomalaispelaajia. Tuttujen pelaajien pärjäämistä seurataan intohimolla, vaikka itse otteluiden seuraamista rajoittaa se, että useimmat ottelut pelataan Suomen aikaan yöllä.

Jääkiekko on nopeatempoinen laji, jossa joukkueiden pärjääminen saattaa vaihdella suuresti eri kausien välillä. Kauden alussa voi siten olla haastavaa tehdä onnistuneita kausivetoja, kun edellisen kauden mestari ei välttämättä pysty toteuttamaan samaa uudelleen. NHL kiekkoilu eroaa pohjoismaisesta pelaamisesta erityisesti nopeutensa johdosta. Pienempi kaukalo tekee pelistä nopeampitahtista, jolloin myös maaleja ja muita tapahtumia tulee enemmän.

Jalkapallon suurtapahtumat ovat maailman katsotuimpia

Jalkapallo on maailman suosituin urheilulaji, ja sen suurtapahtumat, kuten MM-kisat ja Mestarien liiga, keräävät valtavan määrän katsojia ympäri maailmaa. Jalkapallovedonlyönti on erittäin suosittua, ja vedonlyöjät voivat panostaa esimerkiksi otteluiden lopputuloksiin, maalintekijöihin ja muihin ottelun tapahtumiin.

Suosituimpien kohteiden joukkoon kuuluvat nimenomaan nämä suuret kansainväliset tapahtumat. Näissä kohtaavat sekä maailman parhaat maajoukkueet että suurimmat seurajoukkueet. Näiden jättiläisten kohdatessa toisensa katsojat pääsevät seuraamaan äärimmäisen tasokkaita otteluita.

Kansainvälisten suurtapahtumien lisäksi vedonlyöntisivustojen valikoimiin kuuluu usein myös pienempiä kansallisia sarjoja. Näiden joukosta voi löytää hyviä kertoimia, koska paremmin pärjäävän joukkueen tietäminen etukäteen voi olla haastavaa.

Jalkapallossa seurataan tiiviisti myös naisjoukkueiden pärjäämistä. Näistä esimerkiksi jalkapallon MM-kisojen lopputurnaus keräsi valtavan määrän katsojia saaden myös vedonlyöjät liikkeelle.

Pyöräilykauden aikana järjestetään useita vaativia kilpailuja

Pyöräily on suosittu urheilulaji, jossa järjestetään useita vaativia kilpailuja ympäri maailmaa. Nämä testaavat kilpailijoiden kestävyyttä ja räjähtävää suorituskykyä vaihtelevissa maastoissa ja sääolosuhteissa.

Isompien tapahtumien joukkoon kuuluvat Ranskassa järjestettävä Tour de France eli, Ranskan ympäriajo, sekä muut isot ympäriajot. Nämä ajetaan yleensä vuoristoisissa olosuhteissa, ja kilpailijat joutuvat kestämään pitkiä ja jyrkkiä nousuja vuorenrinteitä myöten. Näistä syistä ympäriajot ovatkin pyöräilymaailman arvostetuimpia kilpailuja.

Vedonlyöjät voivat panostaa näissä esimerkiksi kilpailun voittajaan, etappivoittajiin ja muihin kilpailun tapahtumiin. Joukosta löytyy usein myös head-to-head-vetoja, joissa veikataan sitä, kumpi kahdesta urheilijasta pärjää paremmin.

Koripallo on noussut myös Pohjoismaissa suosituksi

Koripallo on noussut suosituksi urheilulajiksi myös Pohjoismaissa. Tunnetuin sarja on rapakon takana pelattava NBA, mutta myös Euroopasta löytyy mielenkiintoisia kansallisia sarjoja sekä parhaiden seurajoukkueiden välillä pelattava Euroliiga.

Amerikkalainen koripallo on huomattavasti yksilö keskeisempää, ja joukkueet rakennetaan tukemaan yhden tähtipelaajan suoriutumista. Nämä pelaajat nousevatkin supertähdiksi ja joukkueen keulakuviksi.

Eurooppalainen koripallo pohjautuu puolestaan joukkuepelille, ja yksittäisten pelaajien sijaan panostetaan siihen, että joukkue toimii yhdessä. Tämän lisäksi peleistä löytyy pieniä eroja muun muassa kentän koon ja erien pituuden suhteen. Myös Euroopassa on useita suurjoukkueita, jotka pärjäävät kansainvälisellä tasolla vuodesta toiseen.

Vedonlyöjät voivat panostaa koripallossa esimerkiksi otteluiden lopputuloksiin ja pistekeskiarvoihin. Valikoimista löytyy usein myös erilaisia erikoisvetoja, jotka liittyvät ottelun tapahtumiin.

Super Bowl kruunaa jännittävän NFL-kauden

Amerikkalainen jalkapallo, erityisesti NFL, on suosittu urheilulaji Yhdysvalloissa. Vaikka lajia pelataan nykyään myös Yhdysvaltojen ulkopuolella, on sen suosio ehdottomasti suurinta lajin syntymaassa.

NFL-kausi huipentuu jännittävään Super Bowl -finaaliin, joka kerää valtavan määrän katsojia ja vedonlyöjiä. Super Bowlin voittaminen on jokaisen joukkueen unelma, jonka eteen tehdään väsymättä töitä koko kauden ajan.

Super Bowl on myös maailmanlaajuisesti yksi suosituimmista vedonlyönnin kohteista. Sen suhteen veikataan tietysti ottelun voittaja sekä ottelussa tulevien pisteiden määrää, mutta vedonlyönti ei suinkaan rajoitu tähän. Näiden lisäksi voi veikata muun muassa väliaikashow’n esittäjää ja muita tähän valtavaan tapahtumaan liittyviä tekijöitä.

Myös talviurheilulajit ovat suosittuja vedonlyöjien keskuudessa

Talviurheilulajit, kuten mäkihyppy, hiihto ja ampumahiihto, ovat suosittuja vedonlyöjien keskuudessa erityisesti Pohjoismaissa. Näiden suhteen käydään tiivis kausi vuodenvaihteen molemmin puolin, kun Keski-Euroopassa ja Pohjolassa on talvi. Isoja kansainvälisiä kisoja järjestetään viikoittain, joten useampia lajeja seuraavalle on tarjolla valtava määrä kohteita vedonlyöntiin. Kesällä lajit ovat tauolla, joten vedonlyönti painottuu talveen.

Riippumatta siitä, mihin lajiin päätyy keskittymään, on tärkeää seurata jokaista tapahtumaa tarkkaan. Pysymällä ajan tasalla jokaisen joukkueen ja urheilijan kunnosta on parhaat mahdollisuudet veikata tapahtumia oikein. Lajivalikoima vedonlyönnissä on runsas, ja yksittäisten lajien sisällä on mahdollista veikata pienempiä kansallisia sarjoja tai suuria kansainvälisiä tapahtumia.

Jääkiekko, jalkapallo, pyöräily, koripallo, amerikkalainen jalkapallo ja talviurheilulajit tarjoavat vedonlyöjille mielenkiintoisia kohteita ja mahdollisuuden seurata pelejä entistäkin tarkemmin. Vedonlyönti on nykyään mahdollista sekä älylaitteiden että tietokoneen välityksellä. Näin vedonlyönti ei ole sidottua yhteen tiettyyn paikkaan, vaan panoksia pääsee asettamaan mistä tahansa.

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Onko nettikasinoilla pelaaminen laillista?

Nettikasinoilla pelaamisen laillisuus on vakituinen keskusteluaihe Suomessa.

Välillä jopa poliitikoilla menevät termit sekaisin, joten ei ole epätavallista kuulla puhuttavan laittomista nettikasinoista.

Tässä artikkelissa vastataan mahdollisimman tyhjentävästi siihen, ovatko nettikasinot laillisia Suomessa ja miten laki suhtautuu niillä pelaamiseen.

Kaikki nettikasinot ovat laillisia Suomessa

Suomalainen pelaaja saa vapaasti valita kasinosivustonsa.

Suomalainen voi pelata vaikkapa Maltalle perustetulla ja Maltan lisenssin alla toimivalla nettikasinolla.

Hän ei syyllisty tässä mihinkään laittomaan Veikkauksen monopoliasemasta huolimatta.

Lain perusteella vain Veikkaus saa toimia Manner-Suomesta käsin.

Muut yhtiöt eivät saa pyörittää Manner-Suomessa sen paremmin kivijalkakasinoita kuin nettikasinoitakaan.

Ne eivät saa myöskään markkinoida rahapelejään Suomessa. Siksi et näe niiden mainoksia sanomalehdissä, televisiossa tai ulkomainoksissa.

Jos kuitenkin löydät tiesi Maltan tai Viron lisenssin alla toimivalle ja siten verovapaalle nettikasinolle, voit tehdä talletuksen täysin laillisesti.

Myös nettikasinot ilman mitään lisenssiä ovat laillisia, mutta eivät kovin turvallisia vaihtoehtoja.

Jos kasino ei ole onnistunut saamaan peliviranomaisten hyväksyntää, kaikki ei ehkä ole kunnossa.

Voit pelata omalla riskillä, mutta avun saaminen ongelmatilanteessa voi olla vaikeaa ellei mahdotonta.

ETA-alueella lisensoidut nettikasinot ovat verottomia

Kaikki Euroopan talousalueella lisensoidut kasinot tarkoittavat 100-prosenttisen verovapaita voittoja. Kasinovoittojen verovapaus perustuu lakiin.

ETA-alueen lisenssi tarkoittaa myös erityisen turvallista pelikokemusta, sillä täkäläiset peliviranomaiset kiinnittävät paljon huomiota nettikasinoiden turvallisuuteen ja vastuullisuuteen.

Verovapauden ja luotettavuuden takia kannattaa siis suosia eurooppalaisia nettikasinoita.

Käytännössä tämä tarkoittaa:

  • Maltan nettikasinoita
  • Viron nettikasinoita
  • Suomalaisia nettikasinoita

Suomessa vakituisesti asuvilla ei nimittäin ole pääsyä kaikille eurooppalaisille nettikasinoille.

Esteeksi ei muodostu Suomen vaan kohdemaan laki.

Osa nettikasinolisensseistä on tarkoitettu vain kansalliseen käyttöön.

Ruotsi on tästä hyvä esimerkki.

Ruotsi on EU- ja ETA-maa, joka vapautti rahapelimarkkinat vuonna 2019.

Suomalaiset eivät kuitenkaan pääse pelaamaan Ruotsin lisenssin kasinoille, elleivät he asu vakituisesti Ruotsissa.

Suomi vapauttaa rahapelimarkkinat vuoteen 2026 mennessä

Suomi aikoo seurata Ruotsin esimerkkiä ja vapauttaa rahapelimarkkinat.

Taustalla on myös se, ettei Veikkauksen monopoliasema oikein sovi yhteen EU:n vapaiden markkinoiden periaatteen kanssa.

Ihan huomispäivänä tämä vapautus ei vielä tapahdu. Tällä hetkellä vaikuttaa siltä, että Suomessa siirrytään lisenssijärjestelmään viimeistään vuoden 2026 alussa.

Jatkossa siis myös muut yhtiöt kuin Veikkaus voivat toimia Suomessa. Osa rahapelityypeistä tosin jäänee Veikkauksen yksinoikeuden piiriin.

Vielä on auki se, miten rahapeliyhtiöiden markkinointia rajoitetaan vai rajoitetaanko sitä mitenkään.

Yksi mahdollisuus on markkinoinnin täyskielto, mikä tosin voisi vähentää Suomen lisenssin houkuttelevuutta.

Rahapeliyhtiöt tuskin haluavat maksaa lisenssimaksuja, jos ne eivät vastineeksi saa lupaa markkinoida Suomessa.

Nettikasinoiden laillisuus vaihtelee maittain

Nettikasinoilla pelaaminen on suosittua myös muualla kuin Euroopassa.

Se, onko niillä pelaaminen laillista vai ei, vaihtelee maittain.

Esimerkiksi valtaosassa Kiinaa lähes kaikenlainen rahapelaaminen kansallista lottoa lukuun ottamatta on kiellettyä.

Myös kaikenlaiset nettikasinot on kielletty ja näille sivustoille pääsy on estetty viranomaisten toimesta.

Kiinalaiset pääsevät kuitenkin pelaamaan monille ulkomailta käsin toimiville nettikasinoille. Niitä on perustettu esimerkiksi Filippiineille vuodesta 2016 lähtien.

Otetaan toinen esimerkki Afrikasta.

Namibiassa sekä nettikasinot että fyysiset pelipaikat ovat laillisia, mutta uhkapelien järjestäminen vaatii luvan.

Jos jokin taho järjestää rahapelejä ilman asianmukaista lupaa, sitä rangaistaan.

Valvonta ei tosin vaikuta kovin aktiiviselta. AllAfrica kertoi taannoin Missionary Shebeenissä viiden vuoden ajan ilman lupaa käytössä olleista rahapeliautomaateista.

Shebeenin omistaja joutui maksamaan tästä 20 000 Namibian dollarin sakon (nykykurssilla lähes 1260 euroa). Summa ylittää reilusti tyypillisen kuukausipalkan.

Shebeen itsessään oli kuitenkin luvallinen, vaikka alun perin sana on viitannut laittomaan baariin tai klubiin.

Yhdysvallat on 50 osavaltiosta koostuva liittovaltio. Osa osavaltioista sallii nettikasinot, osa ei.

Yhdysvallat toimii siis hyvänä esimerkkinä siitä, kuinka nettikasinoita koskeva lainsäädäntö voi vaihdella saman valtion sisällä.


Kaikki nettikasinot ovat laillisia pelipaikkoja suomalaiselle pelaajalle. Suomalainen pelaaja ei siis syyllisty rikokseen, jos hän pelaa esimerkiksi maltalaisella nettikasinolla.

Toistaiseksi hän ei kuitenkaan saa mainostaa ulkomaista nettikasinoa tai perustaa sellaista maahamme, sillä tällä hetkellä Veikkauksella on yksinoikeus rahapelien järjestämiseen ja markkinointiin.

Tilanne jatkuu tällaisena oletettavasti vuoteen 2026 asti, sillä tuota vuotta pidetään lisenssijärjestelmän käyttöönoton takarajana.

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Lithuanian Nelly Jelly getting huge worldwide success

Nelly Jelly Sells Over 1M Branded Items in First Half of 2023, a 37% Increase from 2022ImageNelly Jelly’s cast of characters 

Nelly Jelly, known as Kakė Makė in her native Lithuania, has grown from an endearing book character into a fully realized mega-brand in the world of children’s entertainment.  

 Nelly Jelly, also known as Kakė Makė in its native market, marks its 13th year of captivating children worldwide with its educational tales and creative characters. This Lithuanian IP, centered around the imaginative adventures of a five-year-old girl, has blossomed into a mega-brand, demonstrating the heights children’s entertainment products can reach today.Just in the first half of 2023, Nelly Jelly expanded its product line with over 1 million branded items sold in Lithuania and established strategic partnerships with licensing agencies in Spain and Dubai.

Due to the success of its licensing strategy, Nelly Jelly holds a dominant position in Lithuania’s children’s entertainment market.Nelly Jelly: My Movie, the brand’s cinematic debut, released in April 2023, achieved blockbuster status. It ran for 15-weeks at the top of Lithuanian cinema charts. At the same time, the IP also launched a consumer loyalty campaign with one of the leading retailers in Lithuania, which offered playful learning tools to help kids recognize, name, and befriend their emotions.

As a result, during the second quarter of 2023, Nelly Jelly witnessed a 37% increase in licensing revenue compared to the same period in 2022 in the native market.According to the IP’s CEO, Simona Krasauskienė, Nelly Jelly is continuously expanding into the realm of everyday life through such actions. “Currently, we work with over 20 different companies, developing products across nine different categories in the home market. We also expect that 2.5-3 million units of Nelly Jelly items will be sold in 2023. In a market with a population of 2.6M people, of which 160k are children of the target age, these seem to be promising figures,” she explained.

Nelly Jelly’s expansion goes beyond traditional entertainment and food products. During 2023 the food category has seen a 163% increase in licensing revenue this year with 7 new product releases in the first half of the year. The brand has fostered collaborations with a myriad of local businesses, resulting in an eclectic range of offerings. From fresh fruit and Greek yogurt to calcium-fortified milk ice cream and lactose-free cottage cheese-based products, Nelly Jelly remains dedicated to providing options for diverse dietary needs.

These products not only cater to taste but also prioritize health, reducing sugar content and utilizing antibiotic-free chicken in meat-based products, such as dumplings.In partnership with BIOK LAB, Nelly Jelly introduces a line of safe, hypoallergenic hygiene products, addressing a crucial gap in the market for fun yet allergen-free options.Furthermore, Nelly Jelly is treading into the world of sustainable gardening, offering not only essential gardening supplies like seeds, seedlings, and tools but also accessories for outdoor leisure. Rainwear, gloves, mudguards, and other goods will encourage children and their parents to embrace nature and learn about environmental stewardship.

Nelly Jelly’s global presence gains momentum through strategic partnerships – Caravanserai, a Spanish licensing firm specializing in the Iberian Peninsula, and Markettcom, a prominent brand licensing agent in Dubai, are now representing the brand in their respective territories.Greta Stankutė, the brand development manager at Nelly Jelly, anticipates exciting collaborations in the IP’s near future. The goal is to forge new licensing programs that will reach even greater audiences.

Nelly Jelly is a beloved children’s character and national brand hailing from Lithuania, designed to encourage kids to explore, get creative, and overcome life challenges with the help of a witty and fun character. With a team of passionate individuals following global trends, the IP has expanded to multiple platforms, including books, theater plays, events, and a blockbuster movie in 2023. The IP constantly attends global events, hoping to find new ways to provide educational and enjoyable content for young audiences.
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Mohoric, Gravel World Champion 2023

Cover story Misc

Roglic wins Giro dell’Emilia 2023


Hidden Gems for ps4: Sine Mora Ex

At the cinema Cinema Features

HIFF Gathers the Largest Film Festival Audience Since the Pandemic

The 36th Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy finished on September 24th on a high note with the closing gala screening of Celine Song‘s PAST LIVES. Finland’s biggest film festival had over 51 000 visitors, which is its post-COVID record. The 37th Helsinki International Film Festival will be organised on September 19th – 29th 2024.

Helsinki International Film Festival finished with a bang with the sold out Closing Gala screening of PAST LIVES. The festival screenings and events gathered in more than 51 000 visitors in total, which is the largest audience for any Finnish film festival since the pandemic. The biggest hit of the festival was the U.S. indie maverick Kelly Reichardt‘s newest film SHOWING UP. Other big hits included British comedy SCRAPPER, Estonian kung fu comedy THE INVISIBLE FIGHT, Bollywood meets martial arts mash-up POLITE SOCIETY and transgressive thriller FEMME. The international gala films THE ZONE OF INTEREST, POOR THINGS, MONSTER and PAST LIVES were all sold out.

Among the most sought-after screenings were THE LAST BUS with the legendary British actor Timothy Spall in attendance, the two Finnish gala films Teemu Nikki‘s DEATH IS A PROBLEM OF THE LIVING and Katja Gauriloff‘s JE’VIDA, the French gourmet film THE TASTE OF THINGS, Takeshi Kitano‘s samurai epic KUBI and Pedro Almodóvar short films.

HIFF had the honour of hosting a slate of filmmaker guests including Catherine Corsini (HOMECOMING), Gunnar Vikene (WAR SAILOR), Anna Neye and Frederikke Aspöck (EMPIRE), Anna Hints (SMOKE SAUNA SISTERHOOD), Lea Glob (APOLONIA, APOLONIA), Rainer Sarnet (THE INVISIBLE FIGHT) and Jonas Rothlaender (THE POWER OF LOVE).

The R&A Shorts National Competition’s main award winner was Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall‘s Lizard Brain. Other award winners were Karoliina Gröndahl‘s Every Tom, Dick and Urpo (Uusi aalto Award), Iiti Yli-Harja‘s Blush – An Extraordinary Voyage (Moving People and Images Award), Arman Zafari‘s Prelude (Best Student Film) and Tuukka Kovasiipi‘s Jouko (honourable mention). The Audience Award went to Fabian Munsterhjelm‘s Thank You in Your Language.

The HIFF industry sidebar Finnish Film Affair brought more than 500 film industry professionals to Helsinki. Winning projects pitched at the event were Miia Tervo‘s The Missile (Best Fiction), the Norwegian Lovable (Best Nordic Project) and Showtime in Helsinki (Best Documentary).

This year’s audience vote organised by the National Audiovisual Institute and the HIFF was won by 20,000 SPECIES OF BEES, which will be screened as Kino Regina’s film of the month in November.

The 37th Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy will be organised on September 19th to 29th 2024. Before that, a selection of the year’s best movies can be seen at the R&A Spring Break festival.

At the cinema Cinema Features

HIFF presents the best films of the year including a Cannes stirrer and the new Almodóvar

The Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy has announced its programme. The Cannes Grand Prix-winning concentration camp drama THE ZONE OF INTEREST is presented as the Masters Gala film. The freshest film smorgasbord in the country also has Pedro Almodóvar’s new shorts as well as heaps of winners and audience favourites from the world’s major film festivals. Filmmaker guests of the festival include the director Catherine Corsini and the documentarist Lea Glob. The 36th edition of HIFF takes place on September 14–24, 2023.

HIFF adds another gala to its roster. THE ZONE OF INTEREST that caused quite a stir and won the Grand Prix at Cannes is screened at the new Masters Gala. As previously announced, the festival’s other gala films are the Opening Film MONSTER (dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda), the Love & Anarchy Gala film POOR THINGS (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos), the Human Rights Gala film JE’VIDA (dir. Katja Gauriloff), the Finnish Gala film DEATH IS A PROBLEM FOR THE LIVING (dir. Teemu Nikki), and the Closing Film PAST LIVES (dir. Celine Song).

The Zone of Interest by the British director Jonathan Glazer (e.g. Under the Skin, Season FF 2015) provides a scathing portrayal of everyday evil and fascism via the family life of Rudolf Höss, the commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The German star Sandra Hüller (Toni Erdmann, 2016) gives a striking performance as the family matriarch. Based on a novel by Martin Amis who passed away in May, The Zone of Interest is brought to cinemas by SF Studios early 2024.

The R&A Shorts programme is complemented by two newest short-form works by Pedro Almodóvar. Seen in Cannes this year, STRANGE WAY OF LIFE featuring Hollywood stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal as gunslingers and former lovers is a queer western that bears the unmistakable touch of its director. It is screened in tandem with the intense lockdown short THE HUMAN VOICE (2021) starring Tilda Swinton.

Cinematic manna rains from film heaven with 141 feature films. The most coveted new outings include SHOWING UP by the U.S. indie maven Kelly Reichardt, the Senegalese-French director Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s BANEL & ADAMA which was the only debut effort in this year’s Cannes competition and the Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s ABOUT DRY GRASSES that earned Merve Dizdar the Best Actress Award at Cannes. Among the international festival hits are the Bollywood-meets-martial-arts genre-blending POLITE SOCIETY, the Orthodox monk kung-fu slugfest THE INVISIBLE FIGHT helmed by the HIFF’s favourite Estonian director Rainer Sarnet, and the rockumentary KISS THE FUTURE about the attempts of U2 to raise worldwide awareness of the horrors of wartime Sarajevo.

The entire HIFF programme can now be found on the festival’s website. Sales of festival passes have also begun. Single ticket sales will start a week from now on Thursday, September 7.

Top guests come from around Europe

HIFF welcomes among its main guests the French director Catherine Corsini, whose latest film HOMECOMING made waves in the Cannes competition. The Danish documentarist Lea Glob brings to Helsinki her work APOLONIA, APOLONIA for which she followed the contemporary artist Apolonia Sokol’s life for 13 years. Filmmakers behind several contenders for the Nordic Council Film Prize are also visiting. For more information about the filmmakers arriving in Helsinki, please consult the HIFF guest press release.

Kaurismäki in English and intimate choreography

The HIFF programme features an exceptionally wide array of best new Finnish films. The cream of the crop is naturally Aki Kaurismäki’s FALLEN LEAVES that was recently voted the Best Film of the Year by the International Federation of Film Critics. The festival provides the non-Finnish-speaking audience with a possibility to see this gentle tragicomedy with English subtitles.

Other Finnish highlights of the programme are Selma Vilhunen’s FOUR LITTLE ADULTS, Tia Kouvo’s FAMILY TIME, Kaisa El Ramly’s debut feature film GETAWAYS & DREAMS, and the world premiere of the sensual German-Finnish co-production POWER OF LOVE starring Saara Kotkaniemi and Nicola Perot. To coincide with the film’s screening, the festival organizes a panel discussion about the work of intimacy coordinators at the HIFF festival centre in Bio Rex Lasipalatsi. This year’s festival also features Saturday morning coffee sessions with filmmakers.

The Finnish Film Affair brings a James Bond casting director to Finland

The 12th edition of the Finnish Film Affair (FFA), a HIFF event aimed at industry professionals, brings the international film industry experts to Helsinki on September 20–22. 31 Nordic films and TV shows in production or in development are pitched at the event. New projects include works by Miia TervoJenni ToivoniemiTonislav Hristov and last year’s R&A Shorts National Competition winner Mari Mantela, as well as the upcoming children’s film Itty Bitty Princess.

This year, FFA’s popular Nordic Flair training programme focuses on actors. The 20 Nordic actors selected for the programme get to participate in self-tape and CV training under the direction of international top professionals. The CV’s of the casting directors who arrive in Finland include i.a. the James Bond film Skyfall and the TV hit show Exit.

The three-day Finnish Film Affair attracts guests from the Venice and Tribeca Film Festivals, from the Sheffield DocFest, and from the Variety and Screen trade magazines.


Ps4 Hidden Gems: Hollow Knight

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In Pursuit of the Northern Lights: The Ultimate Guide to a Breathtaking Experience

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that has captivated travelers worldwide. In this guide, we unveil top travel destinations and experiences for those seeking the ultimate Northern Lights spectacle.

Top Destinations for Viewing the Northern Lights

  • Tromsø, Norway: Situated ideally for Northern Lights viewing, Tromsø offers spectacular sightings, especially during autumn and winter months. The city hosts numerous guided tours and activities aimed at providing an unforgettable experience of this celestial wonder. Additionally, Tromsø’s surrounding areas offer numerous secluded spots for light-pollution-free observation.
  • Abisko, Sweden: Known for its clear skies and minimal light pollution, Abisko National Park is a prime location to admire the ethereal display. At the heart of the park lies the Aurora Sky Station, one of the world’s premier observation points. The elevated station offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the Northern Lights.

  • Rovaniemi, Finland: Recognized as the home of Santa Claus and a top destination for Northern Lights viewing, Rovaniemi in Lapland provides excellent sightings, particularly during November and February. The city boasts several spas and glass igloos, offering a unique and comfortable setting to marvel at the sky’s spectacle. Guided tours are also available, where experts share the best observation spots and photography tips.
  • Reykjavik, Iceland: While the Icelandic capital offers Northern Lights views, it’s recommended to venture slightly outside the city to reduce light pollution and enhance visibility. Thingvellir National Park, an hour’s drive from Reykjavik and a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a scenic and tranquil setting for light-watching.

Unique Northern Lights Experiences

Observing the Northern Lights can be more than just sky-gazing. Here are some exceptional experiences to make your trip unforgettable:

  • Glass Igloo Stay: Several hotels offer glass igloo accommodations, allowing you to watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed. This privileged view of the sky lets you revel in the spectacle without braving the cold outdoors.
  • Guided Tours: Led by a professional guide, you can discover the best viewing spots and learn about the captivating phenomenon. Additionally, guides can offer photography tips to help capture your unique experience.
  • Husky Sled Rides: Imagine being on a sled pulled by huskies while the Northern Lights dance above – a romantic, adventurous, and breathtaking combination that enhances your Northern Lights experience.

Travel Tips for Northern Lights Chasers

To optimize your chances of witnessing the Northern Lights, consider the next travelling tips:

  • Weather Forecast: Check the weather, especially cloud cover and any reported Aurora Borealis sightings. Clear skies enhance viewing opportunities. Several websites and apps offer specific Northern Lights predictions to help plan your observation times.
  • Darkness Matters: Light pollution can hinder visibility, so seek out dark, isolated spots like national parks. A short distance from urban areas can greatly improve your viewing experience.
  • Night Vigil: The Northern Lights are often most vivid late at night or early in the morning when darkness heightens visibility and color intensity. Stay awake and keep an eye on the sky for a potentially unforgettable sight.
  • Be Patient: Remember that the Northern Lights are unpredictable. Their appearance can’t be guaranteed.

Entertainment for Aurora Enthusiasts

While waiting for nature’s light show, consider these entertainment options: read a book, listen to music, play card games with fellow enthusiasts, or practice night photography. If you enjoy online entertainment, consider the GetLucky online casino for some excitement during the wait. Play your favorite games for an exciting and rewarding wait. However, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and remain vigilant for the Northern Lights.

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Hidden music gems albums: Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh – In Parallel [2009]