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A Finnish souvenir – Aalvar Aalto decorative bowls

Iittala, one of the most prestigious Finnish design companies, has taken the famous design of Aalvar Aalto for trays and vases and applied it to mini bowls, very suitable to place all kind of objects like candles, chocolates or snacks into it.

Aalto bowl

Alvar Aalto (1898-1996) is probably the best well-known Finnish architecture and designer. His particular designs of vases were first presented in 1937, and they have become one of the world´s most famous glassware, due to the simplicity of its forms and sensual plasticity as well as the multiple uses that the customers can find for it.

If you visit Finland and want to bring with you a sample of tasty national design, or if you need to buy a refined present for a relative or a friend, a decorative bowl is an excellent choice to pursue as souvenir. Easy to transport and suitable in all kind of environments, it is just the perfect choice to carry a little piece of Finland with you!

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