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Adele – Adele19

{mosimage}Being barely 19 years old, Adele is one of the new sensations of the year, coming from South London.

Even at such a young age, Adele had already had time to work with Jim Abiss, Eg White or Mark Ronson, sign with the powerful XL Recordings company and support artists such as Jack Penate, Amos Lee and Devendra Banhart. After her debut album Hometown Glory, Adele features his first mainstream work: 19.

The first thing you have to notice after starting to listen to it is Adele´s incredible vocals skills. A power of nature that digs deep in your soul while listening to it. Neverthelss, as the artists recognizes, the album talks mainly about love, about a past relation with a bisexual boyfriend that could never be as good as she expected. Consequence of that is a melancholic tone that bathes every one of the 12 tracks. As my favourite ones, I would highlight Chasing Pavements, Tired or Hometown Glory.

Discover the wicked voice of Adele. I hope that being so young, she will follow the correct steps and do not get burnt in the difficult music industry. 19 will turn undoubtedly into one of the nicest surprises of 2008. 

Rate 5/5.

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