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{sidebar id=46}Musta jää (Black Ice) has won the Jussi for Best Film of 2007. The film directed and written by Petri Kotwica
managed to collect six of the 15 ‘Finnish Oscars’. The prestigious
awards were presented
in Helsinki
during the traditional annual Jussi gala on Sunday night.

esides Best Film, Musta jää won the awards for Best Direction (Petri Kotwica), Best Script (Kotwica), Best Leading Actress, Best Score (music) and Best Edit. The leading role was played by Outi Mäenpää. Eicca Toppinen, best known as one of the members of cello rock band Apocalyptica, composed the soundtrack.


Other favourites Miehen työ (Man’s Job) and Ganes did considerably less well. Miehen työ, the widely praised and also internationally critically acclaimed film directed by Aleksi Salmenperä, had to make do with only two awards.  The Jussi for Best Leading Actor went to Tommi Korpela for his role of family father Juha, who ends up working as a male prostitute after being fired from his factory job. Jani Volanen won Best Supporting Actor.

Also biopic Ganes won two Jussis, in the categories Best Staging and Best Costume Design.

The Jussi Awards, first awarded in 1944, are considered the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars.


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Winning films:

Musta jää (Black Ice)

Miehen työ (Man's Job) – trailer


Sooloilua (Playing Solo)

Joulutarina (Christmas Story) – trailer

Raja 1918

Yhden tähden hotelli (Lone Star Hotel)

Jussi Awards:

Official site (in Finnish)


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