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Lithuanian Nelly Jelly getting huge worldwide success

Nelly Jelly Sells Over 1M Branded Items in First Half of 2023, a 37% Increase from 2022ImageNelly Jelly’s cast of characters 

Nelly Jelly, known as Kakė Makė in her native Lithuania, has grown from an endearing book character into a fully realized mega-brand in the world of children’s entertainment.  

 Nelly Jelly, also known as Kakė Makė in its native market, marks its 13th year of captivating children worldwide with its educational tales and creative characters. This Lithuanian IP, centered around the imaginative adventures of a five-year-old girl, has blossomed into a mega-brand, demonstrating the heights children’s entertainment products can reach today.Just in the first half of 2023, Nelly Jelly expanded its product line with over 1 million branded items sold in Lithuania and established strategic partnerships with licensing agencies in Spain and Dubai.

Due to the success of its licensing strategy, Nelly Jelly holds a dominant position in Lithuania’s children’s entertainment market.Nelly Jelly: My Movie, the brand’s cinematic debut, released in April 2023, achieved blockbuster status. It ran for 15-weeks at the top of Lithuanian cinema charts. At the same time, the IP also launched a consumer loyalty campaign with one of the leading retailers in Lithuania, which offered playful learning tools to help kids recognize, name, and befriend their emotions.

As a result, during the second quarter of 2023, Nelly Jelly witnessed a 37% increase in licensing revenue compared to the same period in 2022 in the native market.According to the IP’s CEO, Simona Krasauskienė, Nelly Jelly is continuously expanding into the realm of everyday life through such actions. “Currently, we work with over 20 different companies, developing products across nine different categories in the home market. We also expect that 2.5-3 million units of Nelly Jelly items will be sold in 2023. In a market with a population of 2.6M people, of which 160k are children of the target age, these seem to be promising figures,” she explained.

Nelly Jelly’s expansion goes beyond traditional entertainment and food products. During 2023 the food category has seen a 163% increase in licensing revenue this year with 7 new product releases in the first half of the year. The brand has fostered collaborations with a myriad of local businesses, resulting in an eclectic range of offerings. From fresh fruit and Greek yogurt to calcium-fortified milk ice cream and lactose-free cottage cheese-based products, Nelly Jelly remains dedicated to providing options for diverse dietary needs.

These products not only cater to taste but also prioritize health, reducing sugar content and utilizing antibiotic-free chicken in meat-based products, such as dumplings.In partnership with BIOK LAB, Nelly Jelly introduces a line of safe, hypoallergenic hygiene products, addressing a crucial gap in the market for fun yet allergen-free options.Furthermore, Nelly Jelly is treading into the world of sustainable gardening, offering not only essential gardening supplies like seeds, seedlings, and tools but also accessories for outdoor leisure. Rainwear, gloves, mudguards, and other goods will encourage children and their parents to embrace nature and learn about environmental stewardship.

Nelly Jelly’s global presence gains momentum through strategic partnerships – Caravanserai, a Spanish licensing firm specializing in the Iberian Peninsula, and Markettcom, a prominent brand licensing agent in Dubai, are now representing the brand in their respective territories.Greta Stankutė, the brand development manager at Nelly Jelly, anticipates exciting collaborations in the IP’s near future. The goal is to forge new licensing programs that will reach even greater audiences.

Nelly Jelly is a beloved children’s character and national brand hailing from Lithuania, designed to encourage kids to explore, get creative, and overcome life challenges with the help of a witty and fun character. With a team of passionate individuals following global trends, the IP has expanded to multiple platforms, including books, theater plays, events, and a blockbuster movie in 2023. The IP constantly attends global events, hoping to find new ways to provide educational and enjoyable content for young audiences.
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Mohoric, Gravel World Champion 2023

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Roglic wins Giro dell’Emilia 2023


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HIFF Gathers the Largest Film Festival Audience Since the Pandemic

The 36th Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy finished on September 24th on a high note with the closing gala screening of Celine Song‘s PAST LIVES. Finland’s biggest film festival had over 51 000 visitors, which is its post-COVID record. The 37th Helsinki International Film Festival will be organised on September 19th – 29th 2024.

Helsinki International Film Festival finished with a bang with the sold out Closing Gala screening of PAST LIVES. The festival screenings and events gathered in more than 51 000 visitors in total, which is the largest audience for any Finnish film festival since the pandemic. The biggest hit of the festival was the U.S. indie maverick Kelly Reichardt‘s newest film SHOWING UP. Other big hits included British comedy SCRAPPER, Estonian kung fu comedy THE INVISIBLE FIGHT, Bollywood meets martial arts mash-up POLITE SOCIETY and transgressive thriller FEMME. The international gala films THE ZONE OF INTEREST, POOR THINGS, MONSTER and PAST LIVES were all sold out.

Among the most sought-after screenings were THE LAST BUS with the legendary British actor Timothy Spall in attendance, the two Finnish gala films Teemu Nikki‘s DEATH IS A PROBLEM OF THE LIVING and Katja Gauriloff‘s JE’VIDA, the French gourmet film THE TASTE OF THINGS, Takeshi Kitano‘s samurai epic KUBI and Pedro Almodóvar short films.

HIFF had the honour of hosting a slate of filmmaker guests including Catherine Corsini (HOMECOMING), Gunnar Vikene (WAR SAILOR), Anna Neye and Frederikke Aspöck (EMPIRE), Anna Hints (SMOKE SAUNA SISTERHOOD), Lea Glob (APOLONIA, APOLONIA), Rainer Sarnet (THE INVISIBLE FIGHT) and Jonas Rothlaender (THE POWER OF LOVE).

The R&A Shorts National Competition’s main award winner was Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall‘s Lizard Brain. Other award winners were Karoliina Gröndahl‘s Every Tom, Dick and Urpo (Uusi aalto Award), Iiti Yli-Harja‘s Blush – An Extraordinary Voyage (Moving People and Images Award), Arman Zafari‘s Prelude (Best Student Film) and Tuukka Kovasiipi‘s Jouko (honourable mention). The Audience Award went to Fabian Munsterhjelm‘s Thank You in Your Language.

The HIFF industry sidebar Finnish Film Affair brought more than 500 film industry professionals to Helsinki. Winning projects pitched at the event were Miia Tervo‘s The Missile (Best Fiction), the Norwegian Lovable (Best Nordic Project) and Showtime in Helsinki (Best Documentary).

This year’s audience vote organised by the National Audiovisual Institute and the HIFF was won by 20,000 SPECIES OF BEES, which will be screened as Kino Regina’s film of the month in November.

The 37th Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy will be organised on September 19th to 29th 2024. Before that, a selection of the year’s best movies can be seen at the R&A Spring Break festival.

At the cinema Cinema Features

HIFF presents the best films of the year including a Cannes stirrer and the new Almodóvar

The Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy has announced its programme. The Cannes Grand Prix-winning concentration camp drama THE ZONE OF INTEREST is presented as the Masters Gala film. The freshest film smorgasbord in the country also has Pedro Almodóvar’s new shorts as well as heaps of winners and audience favourites from the world’s major film festivals. Filmmaker guests of the festival include the director Catherine Corsini and the documentarist Lea Glob. The 36th edition of HIFF takes place on September 14–24, 2023.

HIFF adds another gala to its roster. THE ZONE OF INTEREST that caused quite a stir and won the Grand Prix at Cannes is screened at the new Masters Gala. As previously announced, the festival’s other gala films are the Opening Film MONSTER (dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda), the Love & Anarchy Gala film POOR THINGS (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos), the Human Rights Gala film JE’VIDA (dir. Katja Gauriloff), the Finnish Gala film DEATH IS A PROBLEM FOR THE LIVING (dir. Teemu Nikki), and the Closing Film PAST LIVES (dir. Celine Song).

The Zone of Interest by the British director Jonathan Glazer (e.g. Under the Skin, Season FF 2015) provides a scathing portrayal of everyday evil and fascism via the family life of Rudolf Höss, the commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The German star Sandra Hüller (Toni Erdmann, 2016) gives a striking performance as the family matriarch. Based on a novel by Martin Amis who passed away in May, The Zone of Interest is brought to cinemas by SF Studios early 2024.

The R&A Shorts programme is complemented by two newest short-form works by Pedro Almodóvar. Seen in Cannes this year, STRANGE WAY OF LIFE featuring Hollywood stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal as gunslingers and former lovers is a queer western that bears the unmistakable touch of its director. It is screened in tandem with the intense lockdown short THE HUMAN VOICE (2021) starring Tilda Swinton.

Cinematic manna rains from film heaven with 141 feature films. The most coveted new outings include SHOWING UP by the U.S. indie maven Kelly Reichardt, the Senegalese-French director Ramata-Toulaye Sy’s BANEL & ADAMA which was the only debut effort in this year’s Cannes competition and the Turkish auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s ABOUT DRY GRASSES that earned Merve Dizdar the Best Actress Award at Cannes. Among the international festival hits are the Bollywood-meets-martial-arts genre-blending POLITE SOCIETY, the Orthodox monk kung-fu slugfest THE INVISIBLE FIGHT helmed by the HIFF’s favourite Estonian director Rainer Sarnet, and the rockumentary KISS THE FUTURE about the attempts of U2 to raise worldwide awareness of the horrors of wartime Sarajevo.

The entire HIFF programme can now be found on the festival’s website. Sales of festival passes have also begun. Single ticket sales will start a week from now on Thursday, September 7.

Top guests come from around Europe

HIFF welcomes among its main guests the French director Catherine Corsini, whose latest film HOMECOMING made waves in the Cannes competition. The Danish documentarist Lea Glob brings to Helsinki her work APOLONIA, APOLONIA for which she followed the contemporary artist Apolonia Sokol’s life for 13 years. Filmmakers behind several contenders for the Nordic Council Film Prize are also visiting. For more information about the filmmakers arriving in Helsinki, please consult the HIFF guest press release.

Kaurismäki in English and intimate choreography

The HIFF programme features an exceptionally wide array of best new Finnish films. The cream of the crop is naturally Aki Kaurismäki’s FALLEN LEAVES that was recently voted the Best Film of the Year by the International Federation of Film Critics. The festival provides the non-Finnish-speaking audience with a possibility to see this gentle tragicomedy with English subtitles.

Other Finnish highlights of the programme are Selma Vilhunen’s FOUR LITTLE ADULTS, Tia Kouvo’s FAMILY TIME, Kaisa El Ramly’s debut feature film GETAWAYS & DREAMS, and the world premiere of the sensual German-Finnish co-production POWER OF LOVE starring Saara Kotkaniemi and Nicola Perot. To coincide with the film’s screening, the festival organizes a panel discussion about the work of intimacy coordinators at the HIFF festival centre in Bio Rex Lasipalatsi. This year’s festival also features Saturday morning coffee sessions with filmmakers.

The Finnish Film Affair brings a James Bond casting director to Finland

The 12th edition of the Finnish Film Affair (FFA), a HIFF event aimed at industry professionals, brings the international film industry experts to Helsinki on September 20–22. 31 Nordic films and TV shows in production or in development are pitched at the event. New projects include works by Miia TervoJenni ToivoniemiTonislav Hristov and last year’s R&A Shorts National Competition winner Mari Mantela, as well as the upcoming children’s film Itty Bitty Princess.

This year, FFA’s popular Nordic Flair training programme focuses on actors. The 20 Nordic actors selected for the programme get to participate in self-tape and CV training under the direction of international top professionals. The CV’s of the casting directors who arrive in Finland include i.a. the James Bond film Skyfall and the TV hit show Exit.

The three-day Finnish Film Affair attracts guests from the Venice and Tribeca Film Festivals, from the Sheffield DocFest, and from the Variety and Screen trade magazines.


Ps4 Hidden Gems: Hollow Knight

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In Pursuit of the Northern Lights: The Ultimate Guide to a Breathtaking Experience

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that has captivated travelers worldwide. In this guide, we unveil top travel destinations and experiences for those seeking the ultimate Northern Lights spectacle.

Top Destinations for Viewing the Northern Lights

  • Tromsø, Norway: Situated ideally for Northern Lights viewing, Tromsø offers spectacular sightings, especially during autumn and winter months. The city hosts numerous guided tours and activities aimed at providing an unforgettable experience of this celestial wonder. Additionally, Tromsø’s surrounding areas offer numerous secluded spots for light-pollution-free observation.
  • Abisko, Sweden: Known for its clear skies and minimal light pollution, Abisko National Park is a prime location to admire the ethereal display. At the heart of the park lies the Aurora Sky Station, one of the world’s premier observation points. The elevated station offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the Northern Lights.

  • Rovaniemi, Finland: Recognized as the home of Santa Claus and a top destination for Northern Lights viewing, Rovaniemi in Lapland provides excellent sightings, particularly during November and February. The city boasts several spas and glass igloos, offering a unique and comfortable setting to marvel at the sky’s spectacle. Guided tours are also available, where experts share the best observation spots and photography tips.
  • Reykjavik, Iceland: While the Icelandic capital offers Northern Lights views, it’s recommended to venture slightly outside the city to reduce light pollution and enhance visibility. Thingvellir National Park, an hour’s drive from Reykjavik and a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a scenic and tranquil setting for light-watching.

Unique Northern Lights Experiences

Observing the Northern Lights can be more than just sky-gazing. Here are some exceptional experiences to make your trip unforgettable:

  • Glass Igloo Stay: Several hotels offer glass igloo accommodations, allowing you to watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed. This privileged view of the sky lets you revel in the spectacle without braving the cold outdoors.
  • Guided Tours: Led by a professional guide, you can discover the best viewing spots and learn about the captivating phenomenon. Additionally, guides can offer photography tips to help capture your unique experience.
  • Husky Sled Rides: Imagine being on a sled pulled by huskies while the Northern Lights dance above – a romantic, adventurous, and breathtaking combination that enhances your Northern Lights experience.

Travel Tips for Northern Lights Chasers

To optimize your chances of witnessing the Northern Lights, consider the next travelling tips:

  • Weather Forecast: Check the weather, especially cloud cover and any reported Aurora Borealis sightings. Clear skies enhance viewing opportunities. Several websites and apps offer specific Northern Lights predictions to help plan your observation times.
  • Darkness Matters: Light pollution can hinder visibility, so seek out dark, isolated spots like national parks. A short distance from urban areas can greatly improve your viewing experience.
  • Night Vigil: The Northern Lights are often most vivid late at night or early in the morning when darkness heightens visibility and color intensity. Stay awake and keep an eye on the sky for a potentially unforgettable sight.
  • Be Patient: Remember that the Northern Lights are unpredictable. Their appearance can’t be guaranteed.

Entertainment for Aurora Enthusiasts

While waiting for nature’s light show, consider these entertainment options: read a book, listen to music, play card games with fellow enthusiasts, or practice night photography. If you enjoy online entertainment, consider the GetLucky online casino for some excitement during the wait. Play your favorite games for an exciting and rewarding wait. However, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and remain vigilant for the Northern Lights.

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Hidden music gems albums: Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh – In Parallel [2009] 

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Megadeth Heads to Wargaming Metal Fest

Wargaming is proud to announce an electrifying collaboration with iconic metal band Megadeth. A multi-product music in-game event, called Metal Fest, will bring the thunderous power of metal to four popular products: World of Tanks Modern Armor, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships, and World of Warships: Legends. Scheduled to kick off on August 28th, the Metal Fest will be a celebration of the genre, featuring an exclusive voicer over by Dave Mustaine, the frontman of Megadeth, James Lomenzo, Dirk Verbeuren, Kiko Loureiro, and an array of Megadeth-branded in-game items including tanks and warships, in-game missions and quests, integrated songs and much more.

The highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of the band’s iconic mascot, Vic Rattlehead, who will be making his debut appearance in video games with a stunning 3D representation and unique voiceover.

“This is the first time our images have been immortalized in video games! Moreover, our mascot has unleashed its own roaring voice, adding even more metal mayhem to the games. We’ve laid down over 350 mind-melting voice lines, and players will feel the thunder as we command during the battles. We have tanks, we have warships, and we are ready for Wargaming Metal Fest!” said Dave Mustaine, the frontman of Megadeth.

Join Wargaming Metal Fest here:

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Sweden gets to Women’s Football World Cup Semifinal, but gets beaten by Spain

In a dramatic last 10 minutes of the game, where Sweden was able to equalize 1-1 but Spain scored the definitive goal one minute later, the Scandinavian team could not reach the final.

This is the first time for Spain to play a women’s World Cup soccer final in their whole history (men team achieved the victory once in South Africa World Cup).

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Glasgow Elite Men Road Cycling World Championship 2023 – The best classic of the year?

2023 is a year that has given again outstanding performances in this “golden” age that we are lucky to experience nowadays: The victories of Van der Poel in Milan-San Remo or Paris Roubaix, Evenepoel‘s exhibitions in Liege-Bastogne-Liege or San Sebastian Classic, Pogacar epic win in Tour de Flandes and his epic battles with Vingegaard in Tour de France, Roglic winning in the last time trial the Giro de Italia against the combative old lion Geraint Thomas… and on and on.

But oh, what we were able to see in Glasgow a few days ago was, maybe, the best classic one single race of the year 2023 and one that will be in the memory of cycling fans for years to come (I only remember enjoying a World Championship so much many years ago, the WC in Colombia, with Olano, Indurain and Pantani in the podium after a grueling and super exciting mountain course).

We leave you here the video if you want to watch again this historical event, and we give you some of the analysis of the race:

  1. The course
    It was criticized by many fans and riders alike, but in the end you have to give to the organization that the course track was perfect for entertaining. With no long climbing, but with explosive obstacles disseminated in a very technical circuit with a lot of turns left and right, this race looked almost like a cyclocross race on asphalt. Positioning was the key if riders wanted to have a chance to win in the end, cause recovering positions was really really complicated.
  2. The riders’ attitude
    It is an old saying in professional cycling that the hard a day race is depends more on the riders than on the course itself. Here in Glasgow we saw fireworks from the favorites from… 150 kms to the finish line! Alaphilippe attacking, strong teams like Denmark or Italy trying to break hostilities from the first laps in the circuit, attacks from big names like Van der Poel, Evenepoel, Pogacar, Pedersen with 100 kilometers to go… it was a marvellous madness of a race in an age where so many times spectator has to wait to the last kilometers to see some action happening.
  3. Italy is always there
    They might not have always the strongest riders, although Trentin (sadly out cause of a crash) or Bettiol were serious contenders, but you cannot deny their compromise and their attitude as a team. They attacked when needed to attack, they worked great as a formation and Bettiol’s sneaky attack was just one lap away from giving him the victory.
    The same cannot be said of other teams like Spain, pretty much disappeared without options most of the race, or even the great favourites, Belgium itself, where the team seemed fractured most of the race between defending the interests of Wout van Aert and Evenepoel trying to win his second WC in a row.

    4. The big names do not disappoint

    Van der Poel: He has shown in 2023 that he is probably the strongers classic races rider in the world nowadays. He has learnt how not to waste too much energy through the race and improved tactically to the point that the spots where he launches the final attacks are perfect. And of course, all that backed up with the incredible explosive power that his legs are able to carry. He was the strongest rider of the day, and not even a crash in the final kilometers could deprive him of a well deserved victory

    Pogacar: If you like professional cycling, you have to like Tadej Pogacar. A man not afraid to compete and give everything both in 3 weeks races or in the most demanding classics of the year. To his disadvantage, he had to spend too much energy reacting to attacks way too far from the finish line, and in the last 2 laps he recognized that he was already suffering. But in any case, it is always a big show to see him race and attack. He does not leave anything left in his tank, and the bronze medal is a more than fair reward to his attitude and talent.

    Wout van Aert: Again another silver medal for his collection. And again the feeling for many fans that, even when Van Aert is one of the biggest cycling talents arousing in the last years, he is wasting too many good chances to achieve more remarkable victories year after year. In Paris Roubais was an unfortunate puncture at the end of the last pave section. Today he just lacked the legs to follow Van der Poel in his decisive attack. For many other riders, a silver would be a fantastic result, but for Van Aert, the bittersweet feeling of another great chance missed is there. We hope that some day we can see him wearing the rainbow jersey. His talent deserves it.

    Evenepoel: it is true that with such a technical track, Evenepoel did not have it easy to repeat victory in Glasgow. But from the favorites, his performance was certainly the most surprising. He got himself cut several times from the lead bunch due to bad positioning, then when it seemed like he did not have the legs, he performed a couple of strong attacks, and then again he got cut and gave up on pursuing… For much that he is one of the most talented riders out there, explosive, maybe the best time-trial specialist in the world, and a pleasure to see him attacking faraway, he should improve still a lot on his mental focus if he wants to be a consistent winners against the strongest opponents out there.

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Rahapelien etiikka: Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia

Rahapelit, monimutkainen ja jännittävä osa ihmiskunnan kulttuurista perintöä, ovat olleet olemassa jo tuhansia vuosia. Nykyajan rahapelien muodot, kuten perinteiset kasinot ja suomalaiset nettikasinot ilman rekisteröitymistä, jatkavat tätä pitkää perinnettä tuoden mukanaan uusia haasteita ja mahdollisuuksia. Tämä ajanviettomuoto on kuitenkin aina aiheuttanut syvällisiä eettisiä haasteita. Ne ulottuvat yksilöllisistä moraalisista kysymyksistä aina laajempiin yhteiskunnallisiin implikaatioihin.

Vaikka rahapelit tarjoavat viihdettä ja taloudellista hyötyä, ne voivat myös johtaa riippuvuuteen, sosiaaliseen syrjäytymiseen ja taloudellisiin ongelmiin. Lisäksi nopea teknologinen kehitys, kuten nettikasinoiden yleistyminen, asettaa uusia kysymyksiä pelialan eettisyydestä. Tässä artikkelissa tarkastellaan keskeisiä kysymyksiä ja vastauksia, jotka liittyvät rahapelien eettisiin näkökulmiin.


Onko rahapelaaminen eettisesti hyväksyttävää?

Rahapelaamisen eettinen hyväksyttävyys on subjektiivinen kysymys, johon ei ole yksiselitteistä vastausta. Jotkut pitävät rahapelejä harmittomana ajanviettona, sosiaalisena kokemuksena, joka tarjoaa jännitystä ja mahdollisuuden taloudelliseen voittoon. Toisaalta, on niitä, jotka näkevät rahapelaamisen potentiaalisena riippuvuuden aiheuttajana, joka voi johtaa taloudellisiin ja sosiaalisiin ongelmiin, kuten perheiden hajoamiseen ja työpaikan menettämiseen. Eettisestä näkökulmasta on tärkeää, että rahapelaaminen toteutetaan vastuullisesti. Vastuullinen pelaaminen merkitsee itsekontrollia, pelibudjetin hallintaa ja pelitaukojen pitämistä tarpeen mukaan.

Miten rahapelien operaattorit voivat toimia eettisesti?

Rahapelioperaattorit ovat avainasemassa rahapelaamisen eettisten kysymysten ratkaisemisessa. Heidän tulee noudattaa alaa koskevia lakeja ja säädöksiä, mutta myös mennä niitä pidemmälle ja ottaa käyttöön käytänteitä, jotka edistävät vastuullista pelaamista. Tällaisia käytänteitä voivat olla pelaajille suunnatut tiedotuskampanjat vastuullisen pelaamisen merkityksestä, tehokkaat mekanismit pelaamisen rajoittamiseksi tarvittaessa, ja tuki rahapeliongelmaisten hoidolle ja kuntoutukselle. Tämän lisäksi eettisesti toimivat operaattorit huolehtivat siitä, että heidän toimintansa on avointa ja läpinäkyvää.

Rahapelaamisen sääntely Suomessa

Suomen rahapelilainsäädäntö ja -sääntely poikkeavat monista muista maista. Suomessa rahapelitoiminta on valtion monopoli, jota hallinnoi Veikkaus Oy. Tämä malli on kehitetty takaamaan, että pelitoiminta tapahtuu vastuullisesti ja sen tuotot ohjataan takaisin yhteiskuntaan, tukemaan esimerkiksi urheilua, taidetta ja tiedettä.

Suomessa asuvat henkilöt voivat vapaasti osallistua Veikkauksen tarjoamiin peleihin, mukaan lukien lotto, urheiluvedonlyönti, rahapeliautomaatit ja kasinopelit. Veikkauksen palvelut ovat saatavilla sekä fyysisissä toimipisteissä että Veikkauksen verkkosivuilla. Suomalaiset voivat myös pelata ulkomaisilla nettikasinoilla, mutta ne toimivat maassamme harmaalla alueella, koska ne eivät ole Veikkauksen valvonnassa.

Sääntelyn näkökulmasta nettikasinot ovat haastavia, sillä ne eivät teknisesti sijaitse Suomessa, ja niiden toimintaa on siksi vaikea valvoa. Suomen rahapelisääntely on saanut kritiikkiä niin kotimaasta kuin ulkomailtakin. Kritiikki kohdistuu usein monopoliasemaan ja sen aiheuttamiin haasteisiin, kuten pelihaittojen ehkäisemiseen ja ulkomaisten nettikasinoiden toimintaan. Monet toivovatkin sääntelyn uudistamista vastaamaan paremmin nykyajan haasteita.

Minkälaisia eettisiä haasteita rahapelien sääntely tuo?

Rahapelien sääntely on monitahoinen haaste, joka tuo mukanaan monia eettisiä kysymyksiä. Sääntelyn tavoitteena on tasapainottaa monia eri tekijöitä, kuten taloudelliset edut, pelaajien suojelu ja yhteiskunnallinen hyvä. Tämä tasapainoilu tuo mukanaan eettisiä kysymyksiä. Esimerkiksi, kuinka paljon rajoituksia tulisi asettaa rahapelaamiselle turvallisuuden nimissä? Missä määrin yksilön vapautta tulisi kunnioittaa? Sääntelyn tulisi kunnioittaa pelaajien oikeuksia ja samalla suojella heitä mahdollisilta haitoilta.


Rahapelien etiikka on monitahoinen kysymys, joka vaatii huomioita eri sidosryhmiltä – pelaajilta, operaattoreilta, lainsäätäjiltä ja yleisöltä. On tärkeää, että nämä ryhmät jatkavat eettisten kysymysten tarkastelua ja pyrkivät löytämään tasapainon eri etujen välillä. Yksi asia on kuitenkin varma: rahapelien tulisi tuottaa enemmän iloa ja hyötyä kuin haittaa. Vain silloin voimme sanoa, että rahapelit ovat sekä yksilön että yhteiskunnan kannalta hyväksyttäviä.


Hidden Gems for Ps4/Ps5: Never Awake