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Bangkok Dangerous

{mosimage}Nicholas Cage is an experienced hitman who never gets attached to anybody… until he arrives to Bangkok.


If you like action movies, maybe you can even find this one a little enjoyable. For the rest, it will be not less than quite disappointing. The plot is not original at all, the experienced lonely assassin that receives a new work that will carry him some headaches when he starts to get attached to a (mute) woman and to his assistant. All the stereotypes are here, the moral internal fight, the bad guys queuing to get killed by Nicholas Cage, the snipers not able to put a bullet in his head no matters how many times they shoot… even the end is a copy of Leon the Professional. One of the few nice features is to enjoy the magic of Thailand, otherwise, the storytelling shrinks like the Titanic.


Only for hardcore fans of Nicholas Cage (of course making of himself more than ever) or hitmen movies. If not, better skip it.


Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best: the amazing life and magic of Thailand, well captured in the movie.


The worst: The script is weak and the stereotypes of the genre are chained one after another.


The detail: The film happened by chance to be shot while a real coup d´ete took place in Thailand.

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