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Brother Firetribe – Heart Full of Fire

{mosimage}Were you missing those catchy melodies of the American AOR of the eighties? Brother Firetribe’s members certainly were!

When you hear from first time the name of the band: “Brother Firetribe” you imagine just another heavy metal project as the other thousands that try to gain ground in the competitive Finnish and European market. But probably you will get shocked, if not at least surprised, when you see behind this project names like Nightwish´s  guitarist Emppu Vuorinen or Leverage´s vocalist Pekka Heino involved in one of the purest AOR albums that you can have seen released in Finland in the past… history?

Certainly, if you loved that period of music when everything seemed to be more easy going, when groupies adored musicians who looked ambivalent like girls and when Jon Bon Jovi still had a long hair that could make jealous to any model from a Vidal Sassoon ad, then certainly this album is for you.

In their second studio album, the band pays tribute to all the classics of the genre (there is even a genial cover of Mike Reno, Chasing the Angels) and display some epic moments in songs like Heart Full of Fire, with a memorable vocalist duel between Heino and Annete Olzen, the vocalist of Nightwish, or in the catchy I Heard It on My Radio to add the cherry on top of the cake with the final track I am Rock, that totally with blow you off; I played the song 3 times in a row in my CD Player first time I put my hands on the album, being one of those songs that will make you feel like listening to a rock classic instantly.

Many virtues ornate this excellent work by Brother Firetribe, and it is a pity that probably there won´t be many chances to see the band alive, being the members involved in their other projects. Do not give love a bad name, and run to get this excellent Heart Full of Fire!

Rating 5/5.

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