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Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom

{mosimage}From Sweden comes one of the last sensations in experimental rock and black metal.

If you like dark sounds and experimental music, you are going to be happy with this new release of Cult of Luna. Their new work is just much more than a collection of songs, but a conceptual album with a very interesting background story: As Johannes Persson explains himself; the idea comes while they were rehearsing in an old mental institution and got in contact with a little book from and old patient called Holger Nilsson, sentenced for his wife´s murdered.

So here you find a personal representation of Nilsson´s paranoia in the hands of these talented Swedish musicians. Listen to tracks like Owlwood, The Great Migration or Following Betulas and get knocked by their power; although raw, their lyrics are pretty listenable, so Cult of Luna is definitely a band that can reach quite a wide range of potential followers.

Although I must confess I prefer usually more classic metal stuff, this Eternal Kingdom is a good album and Cult of Luna an interesting band that will surely add a lot of good things to the genre.

Rating 3/5

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