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Director French version of Paasilinna film to visit Espoo

The leading role in the French film is played by Christopher Lambert, who is mostly known for his action roles. Unlike the Finnish version, co-written (with Paasilinna and Kullervo Kukkasjärvi) and directed by Risto Jarva, Le Lièvre de Vatanen (2006) is situated in Canada and was filmed in Bulgaria. In the film, the name of Vatanen is about the only link with Finland.

The drama will be shown at the Espoo Cultural Centre in Tapiola, Espoo, on 26 August. Rivière will introduce the film right before the screening. Also Paasilinna, whose books are very successful in France, will take part in the film’s presentation at the festival.

The French language film will be shown with English subtitles.


Le Lièvre de Vatanen (in French)

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