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Eden Lake

{mosimage}A young British couple is going to see how a romantic week end camping at a lake turns into the worst nightmare. 

I was surprised about Eden Lake… in good and bad ways. During the first half an hour of the movie, I thought that it would be the typical horror cliché movie with the monster or the psychopathic killer who lives near the lake hunting the young couple and the children around, killing them one after another. But this plot turned to be quite refreshing, making the enemy visible and tangible in the shape of a gang of chavs with not many scruples and killer instincts. Kelly Reilly makes a great role as Jenny, but overall, my hat off for Jack O´Connell as Brett, you will really hate the kid along the movie! And scratching a bit on the surface, the movie indeed brings a strong message to re-think about what kind of education the young kids are receiving nowadays from the parents. 

The action is thrilling, exciting and the rhythm of the movie makes you be in tension all the time. But it has also bad points; the plot is not much plausible often, and many actions from the character have no real sense. As well, for sensitive people, there are quite many violent and shocking scenes, so this is not a movie you want to show to your young kids for a nice Sunday evening in family. 

With a bit more polished script, it could have turned to be a classic of the horror genre. Still, it is pretty enjoyable and refreshing, so if you like excitement, a bit of horror and blood, and a girl who ends up literally covered in dirt after an extenuating hunting this film is for you! 


Rating 3/5


{mosimage}The best: The great acting of the young Jack O´Connell 

The worst: Sometimes the script just floods. Is it normal to invade private property or to stand frozen while your boyfriend gets tortured? 

The detail: Kelly Reilly will appear soon in the awaited version of Sherlock Holmes

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