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Euro champions!!!

Although this website focuses on culture in Finland and neighboring countries, I cannot less that put a patriotic note today telling: we won the football Eurocup! 

It was about time for our soccer national team to win something important. 44 years later, we finally were able to win the European Championship again. A title well deserved, with a team that played better than ever and finally was able to go through quarterfinals defeating Italy in penalties. Maybe I was expecting a bit more from Germany in the last minutes of the final, but they were totally over passed by Spanish midfielders. A championship that brings our national team again to a privileged place. We still have the pending subject of winning a world cup…but that is another story…

Spanish sport is living a sweet moment. Just some minutes ago Nadal won the final of Wimbledon in tennis after having got few weeks ago Roland Garros. Cyclist Alberto Contador won the Giro de Italia and we have chances to win the Tour de France this year. Our basketball team is the present World Champion, and we also have a strong handball team.

Olympic Games are getting close, starting the 8th of August, and I hope that the good strike of victories can continue. And overall, that everybody will enjoy and have fun in a nice atmosphere, out of political and violent issues. Because in the end, it is just about playing a game and having fun. 

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