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{mosimage}Poppy is a woman who seems never to lose her smile.

I had checked in imbd the rates for this movie, and I had great hopes after seeing that the punctuation was above 7. So after the first 15 minutes of movie, I thought maybe it would have a “slow” start. I continued thinking that after the first half an hour… and then when I was dead bored after one hour, I realized nothing would improve. The main character, Poppy, and her friends and relatives look not funny but retarded. There is no humour in the movie, no message, no decent plot… Basically nothing much interesting happens, and Poppy turns to be really annoying with her attitude.

I suppose director Mike Leigh wanted to give a positive message of hope for the people around their thirties, but the result is really poor. I felt more like slapping Poppy than identified with her philosophy of life.

Honestly, one of the worst movies I have watched in 2009 so far. Maybe I am wrong and the other thousands of people who voted more than 7 in imbd saw something that I was not able to, but my advice is to skip this film and search for something better somewhere else. Bad movie.

Rating 1/5. 


{mosimage}The best:  the scene with Poppy´s sister and the husband who is not allowed to play Playstation.

The worst:  …where to start…?

The detail: Sally Hawkins, the actress that incarnates Poppy, has appeared in 4 chapters of the popular British series Little Britain.

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