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HB – Frozen Inside

{mosimage}You thought that catholic metal did not exist in Finland? Then listen this Frozen Inside and feel the glory of metal surrounding you…

Well, if you have any doubt about the religious preferences of HB, just take a look at the song list that forms their album Frozen Inside, with names like God Has All Glory or Holy Secret, and you can have an idea. I have never been a great fan of mixing religion and heavy metal, but since this is a free world, same than others are devoted to devil, there seems to be also place for God and Love in the heavy metal church.

In the album you can find a bunch of lyrics with poetic messages and good wishes of love widespread for the Finnish guys. Musically the album sounds correct although nothing out of the hook compared to other metal bands; not a bad effort though, and listening to the sweet voice of Johanna Aaltonen is certainly a delight.

If you enjoy bands like Within Temptation or Evanescence, with a touch of religious message, then this album is for you. Not so recommended to people who wear pentagrams, Hell-sinki vampires and blood drinkers…

Rating 3/5

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