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Historic presence for Finland at Tallinn Music Week 2024 

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) is thrilled to host the collaboration between the Finnish partners Oulu2026, Music Finland and Music & Media Finland at the upcoming festival on April 3rd – 7th. An all-time-record number of Finnish artists, a dedicated showcase night of cool Nordic contrasts and visions of shared FinEst home market opportunities between Estonian and Finnish music & creative sectors will be presented at the event.

TMW 2024 line-up is one for the history books also because a record-breaking 21 Finnish artists have been booked to showcase their music. The acts are spread out to various events that include a showcase night by the European Capital of Culture 2026 Oulu, the collaborative night between the Finnish festival Blow Up and Estonian Damn.Loud Agency as well as Fenno-Ugria Night which reveals the common roots of our nations.

“Over the years, TMW has developed into one of the major European music events, where a large number of Finnish artists and industry professionals are present,” says Mikko Manninen, Executive Director of Music Finland. He adds, “At the same time, the Finnish and Estonian music markets have converged significantly, forming a natural common market area. As Music Finland, we naturally want to be involved in supporting this development even further. Close cooperation with TMW creates a great platform for this.”

The biggest and wildest city in Northern Finland, Oulu, will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026. To give a taste of things to come, Oulu2026 presents a selection of cool Nordic contrasts from the edge of Europe at TMW in club Uus Laine on Friday, April 5th. Among the performers of the night are avant-jazz vocalist Selma Savolainen, genre-expanding sound explorer Knife Girl, dark folk project Iterum Nata from Tampere, acclaimed experimentalists Musta Huone from Rovaniemi and the rising indie rockers The Southgates from the future culture Oulu.

Henri Turunen, Executive Producer of Oulu2026 says, “The City of Oulu is preparing for its European Capital of Culture era as a cultural laboratory, going wild for Europe, showcasing Northern talents on international stages. TMW is an important forum for connecting urban development themes with music and culture, which is central to ECoC initiatives. Therefore, it is natural to be involved in inviting all professionals and visitors to experience Northern culture on the edge of Europe.”

Finland and Estonia are more than neighbours, being related by language, culture and joint visions. The history of collaboration between Estonian and Finnish music sectors has also been tight – especially since the year 1991 when Estonia regained its independence.

Helen Sildna, Founder & Director of TMW: “One of the main inspirations and role models in launching TMW in 2009 was Finland’s industry convention Musiikki & Media, whilst Music Finland’s export and business development strategy inspired the launch of our own music export office Music Estonia in 2014.” Sildna adds, “We feel that the time is right, not only to collaborate but look at ourselves as an extended home market: the FinEst area for music and culture. Let 2024 mark the beginning of a new era in the collaboration between our music and creative sectors.”

Finland at TMW 2024

April 4th at 16:30 – 18:30 TMW 2024 Opening Reception, co-hosted in collaboration with Music Finland and Oulu2026

April 5th Oulu 2026 presents showcase at Uus Laine

April 4th – 6th: 21 Finnish artists across various TMW 2024 showcase nights
April 5th – 6th Joint discussion panels at the TMW 2024 conference co-hosted with Music Finland, Music & Media Finland and IndieCo.

Notable Finnish speakers at the TMW conference include Innovation and Business Development Executive at Music Finland Turo Pekari, Head of Agency at Live Nation Finland Annika Oksanen, Executive Director of IndieCo Katja Vauhonen and Managing Partner of Nordic Music Partners Riku Salomaa.

Finnish artists at TMW2024

brutus the one that got away
Dome Runner
Iterum Nata
Jesse Markin
Johanna Juhola Trio
Kadi Vija Key Project
Kaukolampi / LRXY
Knife Girl
Mr. Dad
Musta Huone
Otto Iivari
Ruissalo Amping
Sekret Teknik
Selma Savolainen Horror Vacui
Sophia Mitiku
The Southgates

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