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Klamydia – Rujoa Taidetta

{mosimage}The Finnish punkers are back with a new album full of speed.


Making studio albums is not a problem for the Finnish punk rockers. Formed 20 years ago, they have releases almost one album per year, being this their 15th full length record. So we are not exactly talking about a group of high school students doing bullshit here. It is not easy to remain for so many years in the demanding Finnish market, so certainly Klamydia has gained with effort their position as one of the strongest Finnish underground band of the circuit.


Hated by many and adored by their followers due to their straight and gross language and their blowing live performances (that can perfectly end up with the singer puking on stage or the concert cancelled due to the ethylic state of the members), the point is that every country needs a band like this. Raw energy, catchy lyrics (in Finnish) and basically, good punk rock “in your face” with some highlights like Miljoonan Kiisan Tennarit or the homonymous Rujoa Taidetta. I have read in some Finnish media that this is the most boring Klamydia`s album in many years, but from my point of view, it is certainly entertaining, accessible also for listeners who are not punk-rock fans and perfect to listen to as background music at the office when you want to isolate your ears from annoying job mates…


Rating 4/5.

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