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KTU – Quiver

{mosimage}The second studio album of this magical trio is out released by Rockadillo Records, and looks even better than the debut one! 

KTU  is composed by Americans Pat Mastelotto and Trey Gunn (they can ring a bell if you are a fan of King Crimson) and Finnish sound magician, accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen. Samuli Kosminen does not continue as active member of the band due to other compromises, but this is far from being an angry split up, because the musicians have kept contact and Samuli helped in the production of some of the songs of the present album. 

Maybe the album is more “easy-listening” than its predecessor. Although still improvised and creative, is also easier to understand and assimilate than 8 Armed Monkey. I personally enjoyed it very much, but you need a special atmosphere to listen to it, relaxed and meditative. 

If you are not a fan of experimental music, probably this album neither the rest of the material that KTU could offer is going to hook you up. But if you keep your mind and ears open to new musical experiences, this band can really bring you something fresh to add to your CD collection. I think more than reading this review, KTU is such a special band that you just need to give it a try and listen to it for yourself to achieve a real opinion. 

Rating 4/5.


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