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Leverage – Blind Fire

{mosimage}Leverage introduce us their second studio album: Blind Fire, turning to be one of the most interesting Finnish melodic metal bands nowadays.

After the success of their debut album Tides in 2006, it was about time for Leverage to come back thinking big with another studio album, released by not others than Frontiers Records, one of the most important metal record companies in the world. Pekka Heino, Marko Niskala and the rest of the band offer excellent lyrics and melodic songs, without an excessive orchestration, just simple good metal, but very catchy.

The opening track Shadow in the Rain or King of the Night sounds classy, reminding the good metal melodies of the 80s. Heino has really great vocal skills and the keyboard does not overwhelm the rest of the instruments, with some good and hooky guitar solos here and there like in Stormchild or Heart of Darkness, and just creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Pekka’s exquisite voice.When having an excellent first album, it is difficult task for many bands to continue with the same high level of creation.

But Leverage has been able to make the transition to a mainstream company and release just less than 2 years later a very recommendable follow-up. Do not expect great surprises, but just enjoy some good melodic heavy metal.

Rating 4/5

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