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Mors Principium Est – Liberation=Termination

The initial song is one of the most powerful on the album and goes direct to your brain, fast drums and a powerful voice from singer Ville (who joined the band in 2000 replacing Jori in the vocal tasks).

Even when the sound is raw, there is space for good melodies to be heard. The sound is strong but clear, not like other bands of a similar style where you can hardly understand a single word pronounced by the singer. In this case, Most Principium Est. has success in mixing a more classic death style with a careful presentation of the melodies, flourished by keyboards and sound effects that do not overwhelm the power of the guitar blazing solos.

As an example, the female background vocals and other looping effects ornate the second track, The animal within, one of the most recommended on the album. The band sounds compact, clear and focused in general terms. It is clear that they have achieved a more solid sound after the past of years and what is very important, a personal powerful style for a melodic trash band that finds a good balance with the quality of the compositions.

As well, the design of the album cover is one of the best I have seen in recent times. If you like good melodic metal, do not miss them if you have the chance to see them on tour in the future!

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