My Blueberry Nights

{mosimage}Won Kar Wai, the internationally awarded Asian director, is back with a film “Made in Hollywood” in its cast.

I have followed with interests the previous works of Won Kar Wai. Although not falling in love with his films, I was finding quite fascinating the atmospheres that he was able to create and put together and his particular way of mastering the narration. Blur camera movements to condense all the diluted spirit of neighborhoods, small shops and coffees in some Chinese city like could be Hong Kong or Shanghai. Now, it is certainly shocking to see the similar kind of atmospheres and camera movements extrapolated to USA, mainly New York, city where Jude Law (Jeremy) owns a not very popular restaurant.

There, his way will cross with Norah Jones, who after tasting the Blueberry cake (and Law´s lips), starts a trip around the American land working as waitress, saving for a car. Both main actors are far from being convincing in the film. Jude Law is excellent when about being an Englishman gigolo, but far from the image of a hard-working waiter tired of the world around. Norah Jones looks lost and with not many brains during the film, and it is more interesting to see the people she is meeting around her particular tour, especial mention to David Strathairn in a great perfomance as the alcoholic and jealous policeman, who saves good part of the movie. But not even Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman are credible enough in their twisted roles of "Femmes fatales".

A plot with shadows and lights, but honestly, I still prefer Kar Wai surrounded by the lights of Hong Kong instead of the Big Apple of NY.

Rating  3/5.