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Nightwish finish most successful European tour ever

During the tour that started mid-February, the band played 39 gigs in
18 countries in front of a combined audience of over 175,000. The
entire tour entourage consisted of 55 people. For the transport of all
the tour gear and personnel four trucks and four buses were needed.

The group originating from Kitee, Eastern Finland, is currently on tour
in North America for the second tour to promote their latest album Dark Passion Play.

The next time Nightwish will perform in their home country is on June
26th in Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki. The band is also part of the
line-up of Ruisrock (4.7, Turku), Ilosaarirock (13.7, Joensuu) and
Miljoonarock (9.8, Tuuri) as well as a number of festivals elsewhere in
Europe, including Rock am Ring, Rock Werchter and Wacken Open Air.

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