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Samuli Edelmann – Virsiä

{mosimage}It doesn’t really take a huge cynic to be a bit cautious about Samuli Edelmann’s new album. The famous Finnish actor/singer is making here his own interpretations of Christian hymns in a quite traditional – if not a bit conservative at the same time – manner, and the fact this was released just before Christmas just makes one think somebody has thought of a perfect Christmas present bestseller.

So, one can question the integrity behind this album, but one cannot say it is not a carefully constructed piece of work. Instead of the usual organ dominated church arrangements the album’s producer Markus Koskinen has opted to make more modest versions, backed with acoustic guitars. double bass and other such instruments. Edelmann is a talented singer, and he interprets these hymns with the necessary seriousness.

However, the songs themselves are hard to bear. Regardless of my opinion on religion itself – considering the subject of this review, it’s quite irrelevant anyway – I have never been a huge fan of traditional Christian music. It brings to my mind memories of funny-smelling churches in my childhood, and the overall tone of these sings is far too sad and grave that I would ever listen to them voluntarily.

Virsiä is certainly a well made album, so anybody wishing to hear these hymns once again – and there seems to be lot of those – ought to check this out. Personally, I’m pretty sure I won’t be listening to this ever again. Maybe this would be a good Christmas present for my mother?

Rating 2/5

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