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Seven Pounds

Is possible to find redemption for your mistakes in the past? Will Smith certainly is giving the best of him to try to get it.

Seven Pounds

Seven Poundsis that kind of movie that you enjoy, but you end up thinking that with a “little bit more”, it could have been one of the best of the years. The performance by Will Smith is great, and for once we see that he is also able to do great roles while keeping a serious face most of the time. Rosario Dawson is delightful, and the end ties all the questions from the spectators back together… in case you had questions, because honestly, although the movie is planned to have that final “twist” that will answer all the doubts, the point is that if you are not very slow minded, you can catch more of what is going to happen in the end by the different tips offered to the spectator before.

In any case, the plot is solid enough to make it an enjoyable product, the acting is good and the moral lesson is there for the ones who want to catch it and try to offer the best of themselves after having screwed it big time in their lives. Worthy to watch!

Rating 3/5

The best: To see that Will Smith can be a great actor also in drama movies.

The worst: you can see the ending twist coming.

The detail: Will Smith and Rosario Dawson worked together too a few years ago in Men Black II.

Seven Pounds Trailer

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