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Sex drive

{mosimage}Abandoning virgin territory is not an easy task when you are a teenager full of lust, but you do not want to behave like a jerk. Nothing like a good road trip to solve the problem…

Teenage comedies that deal with the sexual desire of unsuccessful youngsters are nothing new.  In the cover of the DVD, this new movie was advertised like being better than American Pie, so I was quite curious to check it out.

Unfortunately, the predictions were not true. Sex Drive is quite topical from the beginning to the end, so do not expect big surprises here. Even the sense of humour lacks of a bit more of transgression. Maybe 10 years ago, the movie would have been cool, but come on! we have seen dozens of the same kind of films during the last years.

If I have to choose something, I would stick to the good performances of the secondary characters.  Amanda Crew looks delicious as the eternal female friend Felicia, Seth Green is surprising in his role of the Amish Ezequiel, Clark Duke is maybe the best of the movie with his talent to seduce all kind of women (I see that the script writers have taken a look at PUA techniques) and James Mardsen is convincing as the angry older brother.  But Josh Zuckermann in the main role as Ian is just average, and you do not really feel much identified with his lack of talent or luck with the female sex.

With a couple of good moments, like the final funny ending with the “cat fight”,  the movie is just the average one you can see with some friends one evening while eating popcorns and forget 10 minutes later. Not a bad choice, but it does not really add anything much to the genre.  I was not expecting a masterpiece of comedy, but all in all, a little disappointment.

Rating 2/5


{mosimage}The best:  The references to PUA techniques to pick up women by Lance´s character.

The worst:  we want more “titties” and transgression in this kind of teenage comedies!

The detail:  It is said that one of every five relations in USA is started online. So maybe you have a Ms Tasty waiting for you there in some chat…    

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