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Spiritualized – Songs in A & E

{mosimage}After half a decade, the English led by J. Spaceman are back on the road with a new studio album.

Not that Spiritualized is a band very fond of releasing studio albums; after 18 years of existence, this is their sixth one, a double reason to celebrate the comeback of a formation that for many bands has become an object of cult. Jason Pierce seems to be in excellent shape after having gone through a serious illness, and the album streams from one good song to another during the prolific list of 18 tracks that compose this Songs in A & E.

A well balanced introductory track: Harmony gives space to more kicking melodies such as I Gotta Fire or the bittersweet Sitting on Fire. An excellent orchestral tapestry to delight your ears. If you were one of the lucky ones to see the band on live together with Lenny Kravitz few days ago in Helsinki, surely you did not get disappointed. For the rest, there is always a joy of having a new Spiritualized´s studio album to listen to once and again.

Rating 4/5.

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