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Texas Faggott – Kininigin

{mosimage}Finnish band that has been around since 1996 offering good doses of psychedelic trance music.

Not from Texas but from Finland comes this band led by Tim Thick and Pentti Slayer. Texas Faggot has been making tecno-trance music for more than one decade, playing not only inside the Finnish borders but also outside in countries like Japan, USA or Israel. Now they release a new album again with Exogenic Records, while at the same time they take care of their parallel projects Mandalavandalz and Flying Scorpions.

Not that I consider myself a great fan of trance music, but certainly the psychedelic atmosphere, far from the more hardcore bands in the genre, makes the album pretty easy to listen. Pretty recommendable to listen as background music when practicing some sport activity, Tim and Pentti certainly know how to put some high rhythm into your veins!

Rating 3/5.

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