The Heartbreak Kid

{mosimage}Ben Stiller is a bachelor reaching his forties, afraid of compromising too much. When he finally decides to get married, nothing will turn as he expected…

Looks like the Farrelly brothers have something against blondes. If some years ago they shocked the world putting a big of sperm on the hair of Cameron Diaz, now it is the turn of Malin Akerman (who looks alike Cameron…) losing all her sensuality day after day after getting married with Eddie Cantrow (Ben Stiller).  The couple will live a crazy honeymoon in a hotel resort in México where a third woman will step in the middle of the relation, Miranda (Michelle Monaghan).

Although Farrelly´s are refraining themselves from other previous shocking (and sometimes disgusting but nevertheless very funny) gags, the movie still has the irreverent touch “made in Farrelly”. Akerman is one of the nicest surprises of the last year, being able to change totally the register from the blonde sex bomb that every teenager would wish to have to a hatred wife destroying every piece of loving spirit during the honeymoon.

Stiller has nothing to prove, being one of the kings of the comedy during the past decade, and the film really goes smoothly because the chemistry of Stiller with both women works. The extras as Uncle Tito or Boo back up the plot perfectly, and there is even space to make fun of the many Americans who go to spend holidays to México (special mention to the scene of Stiller trying to cross the border as if he would be one wetback more).

Resuming, the movie is funny and counts with a nice surprising final twist, so you will get what you ll pay for: a couple of hours of Farrelly´s sense of humor applied to love relations.  Ay, loves…love…love…

Rating 4/5.