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The history of Richard O

{mosimage}A new French movie with high voltage of erotic scenes and drama. 

I must confess that I have never been a great fan of French cinema. Although being Spaniard, I never felt identified with the slow rhythms and the psychological drama of most of the contemporary French movies. There are of course a few exceptions like Amelie or L´Auberge Espagnol, but in general, French cinema bores me. And it happens more or less the same with this Historie of Richard O. The plot is twisted, the dialogues are blurry… the sex scenes although sometimes beautiful, do not transmit energy enough, Paris, although being on summer, looks like a boring city… Certainly Mathieu Amalric has charisma (for many of you he can ring a bell as the bad guy in the last Bond movie, Quantum of Solace), and his character is pretty lovable along the movie, being maybe the best his strange relation with Le Grand, but that is not enough to raise the movie to a decent level. 

As an anecdote, there is also Finnish language spoken in the movie by Tiara Comte, the girlfriend of Le Grand. If you are into French cinema and oppressive atmospheres full of characters tormented by existential questions, then maybe this film is for you. I will meanwhile continue praying for the French cinema to entertain me… 

Rating 2/5. 

{mosimage}The best: The charm of Amalric and the sauna scene, “Hyvin sanottu” 

The worst: I find it basically boring, not spiced up even with the erotic scenes. 

The detail: Mathieu Amalric is the villain in the last Bond saga movie, Quantum of Solace.   

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