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The King of Pop lives… in Espoo

Beloved by many, hated by some and a controversial figure after his death, nobody can doubt anyway of the impact of Michael Jackson not only as one of the most important figures in the history of music, but in the general popular culture.

EMMA, the Espoo Museum of Modern Arts, holds this unique exhibition dedicated to the King of Pop with around 100 pieces of art from 48 artists in a collection formed by donations from private and public collections around the world that has been previously displayed in some of the most important cultural capitals of the world such as London or Paris.

Do not waste this chance to visit EMMA to see some unique art, with the highlight of the portrays of Jackson done by Andy Warhol, together with some interesting visual installation and documentaries dedicated to his figure. The ticket to the exhibition includes the access to the rest of EMMA museum, as well as entrance to the other museums located in the WeeGee building. A good suggestion to spend time during these gray days and get immersed in contemporary art alone, with friends or in the company of the whole family.

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